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John Muir Trail 56 Days of Crazy Adventure

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John Muir Trail 56 Days of Crazy Adventure

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One-at-a-time the members of the group started to back out of the hike until there was only one left. Now a decision had to be made – go alone or not to go at all. Ill prepared for a solo adventure, the one decided to go alone anyway! This is how it started. “56 Days of Crazy Adventure” is a log of the happenings of a backcountry hike of a lifetime.
Set in a time when backpacking equipment wasn’t light, no GPS, no cell phones, just a map and a compass. A wilderness permit good for three months, starting in mid June, when there is plenty of snow and ice left in the high Sierras. A starting pack weight of 85 pounds, a slightly overweight and out of shape hiker with the determination and the will to take on the challenge was all that was needed to get the journey going. It is a real life wilderness account for all who want to go on an adventure, for those who never seem to take the first steps out the front door but, who have dreamed of attempting something challenging, which most people long for but never get around to doing.
Two hundred twenty-one miles, ten high mountain passes, numerous stream and river crossings, snow and ice bridges, 80,000 feet of elevation change, a trip to the highest peak in the continental United States – Mount Whitney, bear encounters, people encounters, fantastic natural hot springs, Half Dome, Clouds Rest, and all culminating in Yosemite Valley.
Find out what the Sierra wilderness can do to change a life, how it can bend and fold the body and mind into a new perspective of being. Read about the many individual challenges along the way and how they lead to the ultimate realization of success. Not just a bodily journey, a learning transition from who I was to who I am. It is one person’s account of a wandering, dreaming, and wondering trip through the wilderness. If you ever thought about going on an adventure and still want to, then “John Muir Trail 56 Days of Crazy Adventure” is a book for you.

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