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Your Healthy Mouth Book 4

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Your Healthy Mouth Book 4

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A healthy mouth.

No more bleeding gums. No more toothache. No more bad breath. No more worrying about dental treatment. A mouth you can enjoy and rely upon, at every stage of your life. Wouldn’t that be great? As one of the UK's leading dentists, Martin Ashley has successfully guided thousands of people on the pathway to a healthy mouth.

In Your Healthy Mouth, he shares this knowledge with you.

For twenty years, Martin has trained dentists and hygienists to help their own patients have a healthy mouth.
Your Healthy Mouth is written for real people like you. Martin explains dental problems in a way that you can understand. There is advice for everyone, at every stage of life. Parents of young children, teenagers starting to look after their own mouths, adults looking for a dentist and then those of us who act as carers for friends and relatives.

Your Healthy Mouth is conveniently separated into five books.
In Book 4, Martin describes your dental lifetime, from teething, through the early years and onto the rest of our life. He explains what you are likely to experience and reassures us it is possible to have a healthy mouth..
A healthy mouth for life.

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