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Vampires, Aliens and Humanoids: Which one are you?

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Vampires, Aliens and Humanoids: Which one are you?

Lunghezza: 270 pagine7 ore


Vampires, Aliens & Humanoids: Which one are you? Describes and utilise the invisible energies of the Universe which affect every aspect of our lives. We look into the history and our current perception of Vampires and Aliens, we then explore the Invisible Energy Forces, those that are both within us and surround us and my aim is to open your mind to these unique energy forces but also to enable you to utilise this limitless source of energy to enhance and create balance in your life.
Using this Life Force (energy) can we be mighty people? Making the impossible happen, creating miracles and teachings that will bring about change and happiness to ALL of mankind. With the understanding of these energies we can then begin to harness and manage these very powerful forces, using them to enhance our lives and attain our maximum potential out of our time here on Planet Earth. A Force (energy) is a push or a pull, or more generally anything that can change an object's speed or direction of motion. (Forces may fail to change an object's motion if they are cancelled by other forces, e.g., the Force of gravity pulling you down right now is being cancelled by the Force of the chair pushing up on you.)
What does this have to do with Vampires, Aliens and Humanoids I hear you cry! Then read the book.

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