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Through My Rhymes: Volume 3

Through My Rhymes: Volume 3

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Through My Rhymes: Volume 3

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Aug 8, 2013


Through My Rhymes Volume 3 is the latest book from Jesse Chamberlain in his ever growing collection of poetry. Using his life experiences, he taps into his heart, head and soul to craft his poetry. Volume 3 contains varying poems that are mostly inspired by true events that occurred in his life. Other poems are creatively woven fictional tales to entertain. Volume 3 goes deeper into his personality and he expresses himself more personally. Volume 3 also contains more personal touches this time, where he explains certain poems to help you understand his thought process and the creativity behind his work.

Aug 8, 2013

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Through My Rhymes - Jesse Chamberlain


Don't Forget (Chipping Norton)

I miss the little dip that use to be on Governor Macquarie Drive,

To me, I was almost home, but it was Chipping Norton saying hi,

An old friend pointed that out to me and I miss it when I drive by,

But like her it's a reminder that nothing lasts and so good bye.

She use to wonder about me when Chipping Norton was on the radio,

There was an accident on so and so road through their stereo,

I wonder if anyone thinks about me when they hear of Chipping Norton,

Been my home for the longest in my short life, and never to be forgotten.

Been up and down the eastern coast of Australia with my family,

Making and then having to leave friendships behind me,

Still think about some people I remember in my history,

The rest, I will just have to see faces and leave their names a mystery.

Born a Queenslander and that maroon is embedded in my veins,

The amount of bullying I took in NSW made me vow I would never change,

I took the shots and abuse for years and now it feels strange,

To be able to feel like the underdog remaining on top of what remains.

I've been across the Pacific and landed in the States for 2 years,

2 years where I seemed to find some direction and now the wheel I steer,

Almost like I could go anywhere now and know I have nothing to fear,

I owe going over to the US as being a catalyst for who I am here.

But coming home to Oz seemed time to carve out a life of my own,

So I may be 30 but mentally 20 like those first 10 I hadn't quite grown,

Not quite the man I should've been for the greatest loves that I've known,

And even though we no longer speak their numbers are still in my phone.

Chipping Norton has brought me love, life and responsibility,

Brought me closer to my friends and family,

Chipping Norton is my greatest highs and lowest lows,

Still waiting to see what I have coming in my today's and tomorrow's.

In My Mind: I wrote this thinking about my history and where I have been. I remember people often saying that you don't know who you are until you know where you've come from and this is a nod to that sentiment. The poem mainly acknowledges change and that is evident by the beginning acknowledging a dip in the road that used to exist before road works fixed it up. I know nothing lasts forever but that's not to say that you can't remember it forever. This is my way of remembering my past briefly but still remaining optimistic that I can move forward regardless of my past.

I Should've Known (I'm Only Flesh and Bone)

I'm nobody's hero and I'm no role model to follow,

To be like me on some days is for your soul to be hollow,

Hang my head just a little as its heavy with sorrow,

I'm nobody's hero and I'm no role model to follow.

It's in the depths of my soul that I draw from and write,

People all have their own vision and this is my sight,

Pen to the paper and I can soar higher than a flight,

But then be trapped under me like underground with no light.

Being human isn't complicated but in some ways it is,

That's a contradiction and confusing is what it is,

See some days I want to save the world and everywhere be known,

But there's nothing super about me and I'm just flesh and bone.

I should've known that I'm no more than flesh and bone,

Not sent here on a spaceship from some great unknown,

Not combined genetics in a lab, mutated and then grown,

I'm just human and I'm no more than just flesh and bone.

In My Mind: This was an interesting one to write for me. It mixes with comic lore slightly in wanting to be more than what I am. Everybody wants to just be a little bit more special than the next and as much as I write, I know I will never be able to do something as remarkable as flying. Or even write something that could impact the world so greatly that it could change it for the better. This is me embracing my humanity and just knowing that it's ok not to be special.

Remain Patient

I keep writing till my mind becomes vacant,

Waiting till I write something great, I remain patient,

To take me to places where the sign reads vacant,

A new place, new time, new life for it I remain patient.

Sometimes writers block sets in and there's no inspiration,

I want to write but I'm having a word starvation,

It came to me so easily yesterday and today nada,

Feeling like a magician with a trick but today no voila.

Listening to songs that can change the feeling of the day,

Like you wanted a little sunshine and could blow the clouds away,

But sometimes the clouds clear and there's no thought to be had,

Nothing about the world, nothing about life, friends, family, mum or dad.

It was so easy just yesterday and can become frustrating,

Imagine how boring my life's commentary is with someone narrating,

Maybe I just need to remain patient and just take time contemplating,

But a break is something my pen is not use to tolerating.


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