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Spinner of Yarns

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Spinner of Yarns

Lunghezza: 160 pagine2 ore


The Lauren Tree is about a man who uses sophisticated lies to gain what he wants in life. But one day, the tangled web he weaves transports him to a world where lying is not permissible, and the consequences of doing so are grave.
Animal Stories consists of three tales that center on the way our modern society treats animals, and the consequences of that behavior. The first story is about a family who is driving to Yosemite Park and how the attitude of the mother and father toward wildlife alters their trip; the second story is about the relationship between those who have, and those who have not; and the third story is about an animal rights organization and how its passionate philosophy toward all creatures great and small, but not human, affects its surroundings.
Fat City deals with the current phenomenon of how people live their lives with regard to diet and exercise, and the consequences of not living as our ancestors once did—laboring hard and earning their daily food.
Steel Maiden is the tale of a college youth who befriends a retired Navy frogman. One day, the old man relates an incredible story to the youth about one of the most famous disasters in maritime history, and the astonishing discovery he made about it, which was covered up for decades.
The Epiphany of Pain centers on a man who seemingly has it all—comely looks, great health, a wonderful family, and a secure job; however, he is still not satisfied with all that he has, and as he grows restless in search of more pleasures, he experiences a physical pain that soon compels him to hunt for greater Truths.
The Vanishing Point concerns a man who is a famous painter, and his wife, who is merely his subordinate-helper; he mistreats her and does not appreciate anything she does for him, yet she stays with him. Then, one day, a terrible malady happens to the man, and he must change his ways to keep his wife and his craft, or lose everything.
Ten Chances is the profile of a youth who is emotionally disturbed from birth; he is violent and defiant, and nearly everyone is afraid of him, and when others wish to help him, his parents will not allow it. When the youth becomes a man, he indulges in a crime spree, and still, he is not properly punished. Then, one day, he plans an unthinkable crime—but who will stop him now?

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