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Low-Fat & Low-Carb Sauces

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Low-Fat & Low-Carb Sauces

Lunghezza: 74 pagine27 minuti


Are you tired of preparing fish or meat the same old way over and over? Do you love your low-carb diet, but wish it could be more exciting? Would you like to spice up your dishes with natural, home-made, low-fat, diet friendly sauces? If yes, then read on, this book is for you!

Book highlights:
- 39 tried and tested recipes
- Dukan Diet friendly recipes
- recipes are: sugar-free, low fat, and low carb
- 5 categories: Mayos, Dips, Marinades, Salad Dressings, Tomato Sauces and a few other recipes
- Easy to preapre dishes
- List of condiments allowed on the Dukan diet

Low-fat & low-carb diets can be simple, but they can also be a bit bland. The Dukan diet for example allows quite a variety of ingredients. However eating just veg and meat can get boring quickly.

Once you start checking labels on the condiments in the stores it's hard not to get horrified by the amount of sugar in all these products. So how can you add variety to your meals?

To help add flavour to your dishes with just natural and diet friendly ingredients, you will find 39 tried and tested recipes in this book. They are more than just regular recipes with ingredients swapped for their "lighter" versions. They have been cooked with the low fat or fat free ingredients to make sure the recipes still work and provide a tasty result.

If you're not following the Dukan diet you can still enjoy these recipes. The diet related notes are additional and can easily be ignored if you wish to do so. But if you are on the Dukan you'll be glad to know that the recipes are marked for their appropriate phases, and there are diet related cooking instructions.

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