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Wonders of the World & Dark Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World & Dark Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World & Dark Wonders of the World

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Jul 16, 2013


A person was born on this Earth, like Jesus, but the ones who taught religions around the World, was threatened by this one man, just like Jesus threatened all religions around the World, in the past, with his words! And this one person, will die just like Jesus died on Earth!

But another one who will be born like this one person, and will take his place in life, and will be far more evil than this person was.
And as time will go on, people will wonder if he is not the Devil Himself, protruding himself as a Savior to the World, with the currency he wants to bestow upon the World! Even the Pope of Rome will be deceived by this Evil Angel, who is in disguise.

Even Jesus will be surprised about this one person’s ability to learn life about others.....


Jul 16, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

My name is Keith Ray Elam, Founder of over 40 Hemp Internet Companies. I hope you wll enjoy what I have provided to the World.... Hemp Publishing Company®

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Wonders of the World & Dark Wonders of the World - Keith Elam


Chapter One

When the day Wonders of the World will be born, Earth will be like living in hell. Rape, kidnapping, murder, and robberies will be the headline news on the front Newspapers, TV, and radio each day and night. Every Nation will be fighting amongst each other and every Nationality will hate each other. On some Nation’s bread will sell, and you will need gold to buy bread. People in the thousands will die each day of starvation, because of the oil prices will become worth more than gold.

Electricity prices will rise, where the poor will not be able to afford the prices, and millions will be without for their children, as their food will spoil in the heat. Silver will have no face value, but the rich will only eat with silver. The working person will be taxed to where they will be working for their government officials, and they will have very little money to live on, so many children throughout the World will be without, as their parents will watch their children to grow up, without even having shoes on their feet. Greed will flow throughout every Nation and every government employee will be corrupt and steal the riches from the poor with new taxes that they will pass into law!

People will not be able to travel to work and many buses will be closed down as the gas and diesel will become too expensive to afford, so millions will lose their jobs, if they are not walking distance to work, so millions will be forced moving into the cities, where the poor will be forced to move out onto the streets! Deaths and crime rate will rise in the cities, while farm lands will become dust bowls, where the weeds will only grow, because no one will be able to afford diesel for their farm equipment. Traveling in time, will be of the past for the poor and only the rich will travel in fame and see what God has created for all of us to see.

Children will grow up in deformed bodies, because of the lack of vitamins and nutrition to provide them with healthy muscles and bones, but millions will walk the streets looking the same, throughout the World. Children will become thin and frail, and their bones will break, if they were to fall down upon the Earth. New diseases will appear from out of nowhere and thousands will die each day from the deadly diseases, and governments throughout the World will not fund money to try to find a cure for these deadly diseases, because they will want the population of humans to decline, without any remorse for their civilians. Governments throughout the World will have no sympathy in those days that the World is ready to take a different look in the way they will see things in life!

When the day Wonders of the World will turn nine months’ old, he will be born onto a pure white silk towel, where he will be wrapped up and given to his parents to hold and to love, and everyone on and in the Earth will hear about his birth on December twenty-fifth. For his parents will be the richest parents on and in the Earth, from many generations of wealth that will be left to them, by their ancestors of every Nation. He will have his mother’s, ancestor’s hair, and his African hair will grow into dreadlocks that will touch the ground as he walks. He will not have his dad’s eyes, nor will he have his mother’s eyes, as the two colors will see differently than we will see, for his left eye will be the colors of a whitish silvereye and the other eye will be a darkish gold. He will stand tall and he will have the Blackfeet Native American Indian’s nose and cheekbones, but his skin will be milky white. He will wear pure white silk throughout his lifetime, and his parents will be proud of his son and the way he will look for the rest of his life, and they will not be ashamed on how he was created in life, for they will only show the World the way he looks each day, as they will travel the World and visit their families and show to them, their family of every ancestor throughout the World, their Wonders of the World.

As they will travel around the World, Wonders of the Worlds’ parents will only give to him the best knowledge and by only the smartest, and wealth will be given to Wonders of the Worlds’ teachers. For his parents will only want the best for their child, for they will know that this child will grow up as the smartest human on and in the World, and knowing that one day with his education, he will rule the Earth. They will know that what they will be giving to their child will be the best education on and in the Earth, and all tongues will be spoken to this child, for his teachers will come from all over the Earth. History of his ancestors’ wars will teach this child not to rule the Earth with wars, but to use his knowledge that he will gain from his teachers and from their books. Words will be taught to him, where his words will change the way others will think, about each other in life! He will know that he can not rule the World, if the World is not willing to let him, so as he will grow up in life, he will represent himself to the World each day, so that they will get to know him.

While Wonders of the World is growing up, he will travel all over the Earth with his parents and his education will come from the most intelligent teachers from all over the World and inside of it, in all aspects in life. Each teacher will be different, because each teacher will be of another Nationality and speaking in their own tongue, giving Wonders of the World knowledge, where his knowledge will be heard throughout the World. When he will talk, people will listen to the words that he will have to say, because what he will speak is about the future, and when everyone will see a loved one die in a war, they will listen toWonders of the World, because what he will speak, will tell the World how to not fight in wars, but to resolve their conflicts by not using guns and swords.

His teachings will come from many religious view points, but his religion will not be taught to him by humans, for Wonders of the World will read the writings that have been written by certain humans, and he will study their words and he will interpret what he will read from their words of the past. He will see that the past were written in parables and the ones with ears will hear what the past had to say to the future children of this World! Wonders of the Worlds’ parents will not allow their child to be taught from religious people in churches, for they will allow their child to learn his own religion that he will choose. Wonders of the Worlds’ time while he will be growing up will be studying the past and what was left behind for the World to try to solve, and he will read things that no human on and in the Earth has ever understood before, for he will read throughout the verses, and he will understand each word that was spoken in the past. His knowledge as a child will turn him into an adult, on how an adult will think in life. His knowledge that he will learn from words will tell him how to treat humans the way they want to be treated, and he will know about the future that every human will see, in the end time of the World! As Wonders of the World will travel around the World, he will see many Nations throughout the World that will have a different religion, and different gods to worship upon. He will study their religions with curiosity, and he will study their governments that are ruled from religions or beside religions. He will notice over seven-eighths of the humans on and in the Earth will be worshiping a god and not one human on and in the Earth will be worshiping their gods, the way Wonders of the World will be worshiping his God.

Chapter Two

When he turns eleven years’ old, he will travel to churches with different religions throughout the World, and he will start to speak words to them that no one has heard of before. Churches and governments will rise up against him for what he will preach to the churches, because the churches will become scared of Wonders of the Worlds’ teachings, and they will become aware that their churches are of false religions and that their religions will cast souls into hell, and the churches will have him thrown in jail, because many of the congregations in the churches, will leave their churches, and start following Wonders of the World. The governments and the churches will lose their cases against Wonders of the World in courts, because of the governments’ corruption. Wonders of the World will lash back with his words at the ones that will hate him, and many will die from the revenge of others, because many will listen to what Wonders of the World will have to say, and they will follow his words. Hundreds of thousands of humans, from all ages in life will flock to his teachings in the parks, and his words will be heard throughout each Nation where he will travel to. Each Nation will have open borders for Wonders of the World, because the World will know that he will have every bloodline from every Nationality flowing inside his veins, and everyone on and in the Earth will want to hear what this boy will have to say to them. Each day he will talk to the news media, so that his fans will be in touch with him.

Each day this child will travel a different part of the Earth, and he will examine Gods’ creations that were created for this Earth to survive on and in, and he will study them, like a child will study his parents, and he will learn from the animals the way the animals will learn from their parents, because he will know that his parents know what is right for him, just like other species do, when they are raised by their parents. He will notice before he is twelve years’ old, the parents will lead the young into safety and will show them the safe way to travel in life, and he will obey each word his parents will say to him, and he will listen to each word they will tell him, for he will learn this from Nature that this is the right thing to do in life. He will learn that one creation will depend upon another creation for survival in life, and if you will kill one, you will kill the other! And the Earth has many Food Chains, where one creation will feed upon another for survival in their life, and if only one is taken away, all of the Food Web, will die!

Each day Wonders of the World will learn something new, which very few humans on and in the Earth will know. Secrets from the past will be taught to him, where he will be able to move things with is mind. Wonders of the World’s mind will be taught to use every part of his brain that was created by God, and only one person that has ever lived on and in the Earth will know this secret! For what Wonders of the World will read, he will remember each word that was written from the past, and he will know that if one person has done it before, another one can do the same thing in life. With this education that he will learn in life, he will deliver wonders that no one has seen in thousands of years. As millions each day around the World will want to meet Wonders of the World as he will travel the Earth, he will learn each day things that only the rich are allowed to own, and he will read books that have never been read, only from the writers themselves.

Wonders of the World will be able to travel where he wants to go, after the age of twelve years’ old and his parents will only follow him to see where he will lead them to. As new doors are opened to their ancestors’ vaults, he will find things that only one on and in the Earth has seen before, and only the ones that have written the words will know what Wonders of the World’s mind will conceive. Books from his ancestors’ days will tell him stories that have never been told of before, and as each word is read, Wonders of the World’s mind will become aware of where he will have come from!

He will find words that religions from around the World thought that they will have destroyed in religious wars, because of the fear that their religions will crumble in days if the words were ever to be spoken. He will learn how many souls will be sent to hell and that religions were designed to be this way, by the ruler, himself! Governments will have formed from their religions and their religions will one day, try to rule the Earth! As he will walk away from his ancestors’ history that was left behind, only for him to read, he will close the vaults, and he will hope that one day, someone will read what he will read!

Chapter Three

By the age of fifteen years’ old, Wonders of the World will have earned his Masters’ Degree in all subjects. He will achieve many of his goals in life, before he becomes a man, because he knows once he turns eighteen years’ old, he will not be a child that the World will talk about.

At the age of fifteen years’ old, he will leave his parents and start traveling the rest of the World that his parents are not able to show to him. He will travel to the tallest mountains on the Earth, to the deepest spots on and in the Earth, even to the deepest depths in the Oceans and Seas, to see things that no human has ever seen before. Every place that Wonders of the World will travel to, God will present to him all of Gods’ creations on and in the Earth, and Wonders of the World’s mind will remember everything that he will see, vividly! Before he turns eighteen years’ old, he will have seen every creature that has been created on and in the Earth, and he

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