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Let's Get It Started

Let's Get It Started

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Let's Get It Started

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Jul 7, 2013


What is a girl to do when she is suddenly jobless, loveless and homeless all in the spate of an afternoon? Well she goes on holiday, which is what she does. This is the sorry situation, which Emma Brook finds herself in so if anyone deserves a vacation then Emma thinks it should be her and the destination chosen is exactly what she needs to get over her ex and move on with her life. So with the help and guidance of a family member and a new friend, Emma is set to prove to Gabe and herself that she is not ‘boringly normal’ like he’d cruelly insisted she was and she can be adventurous and daring. But it’s all not as easy as it sounds when the only man Emma falls for has a secret of his own, which he was trying to keep from her ever finding out about. So a spot of revenge/rebound sex is out of the question then, or is it? It all comes to a head when Emma returns home to face her ex and claims to her friends that she had a holiday romance with a Greek God lookalike to show that she was indeed over Gabe. Low and behold, this mystery man actually turns up to complicate matters further. Will Emma regret her white lie, or will it be the best thing that ever happened to her?

This is a British Chick-Lit short novel of approximately 55,000 words.

Jul 7, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Maureen Reil writes comic commercial fiction and has had over 35 books published, so far, but she's always working on a new manuscript so she wishes to add to that tally with lots of new titles before she's done and dusted. She was born in the city of Liverpool and resides in semi-rural Lancashire UK, but longs to live by the sea. It was always a dream of hers to become a novelist and thanks to her readers, she has fulfilled that ambition, so she couldn't be more grateful if she tried. And Maureen hopes you enjoying reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them.

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Let's Get It Started - Maureen Reil

Let’s Get It Started

By Maureen Reil

Smashwords Edition

Copyright ©2013 Maureen Reil

Updated Edition 2014

This eBook is entirely a work of fiction.

The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

Maureen Reil asserts the moral right to be, identified as the sole author of this work.

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Table of Contents













Dedicated to

Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre



The tears were exiting my red eyeballs and streaming down my cheeks to drip off my puffy face once they had reached the tip of my quivering chin, for there was nothing I could do to stop them. I looked like the child I used to be and feeling equally vulnerable, hurt and scared as the snot bubble blew out of my nose and burst over my top lip to create the tell-tale signs and damp appearance of a runny nose. It embarrassed me enough to glance up and down the street to check for any witnesses to this common childish occurrence but nobody was about, so I did what I did back in the day as I wiped it away with my sleeve and sniffed loudly enough to snort. I let the rest of the tears fall onto my vision as it began to blur, before I blinked heavily to dispel the sogginess and ended up with panda eyes for my trouble. I did not mean to look like a Goth but I was sure pale enough to pass for one.

And I don’t know how I did it earlier on but I’d managed to stay calm as my fate was sealed and I’d made it all the way home without crashing my car. I was in a state of shock that this had even happened to me when I had thought Gabe and I would be celebrating this evening, not commiserating. However, as I plunged my key into the front door, it just hit me like a tsunami of emotion and I have to concede and just go with my frustration and let it all out or I will breakdown if I bottle it up any longer. I was here now; I was safe in the knowledge that I would have someone I love who loves me enough to soothe my pain. Therefore, I rubbed my sore eyes to wipe away the tearstains and tried to take off as much of the black ring of mascara with the back of my hand as I could. While I expected that, my boyfriend Gabe would be in his studio shed outback making his music for he is a producer/composer who works from our house in a soundproofed wooden hut at the end of the long garden.

It was an unexpected sound to hit my ears as I heard songs filtering down into the hallway from the bathroom radio upstairs, when I realised that Gabe was not hard at work in his studio like I’d taken for granted that he would be at this time in the afternoon. I had contemplated not disturbing him at work and taking a bath instead, in order to give me some time alone in a bid to feel sorry for myself in peace. Only if he is taking a shower then what the hell, I will join him. I had visions in my head of us making out and making me forget even if just for a short while, as this would have to suffice and I’ll take what I can get and use his body to ease my neediness. I cannot see him complaining for if anything, Gabe complains that I do not ‘come on’ to him enough to be truthful.

Besides it’ll be easier to hide any further tears under the waterworks and I can cry all I have to whilst being held in his loving arms, which is what I need right now. So I slip off my raincoat and leave my bag where it falls onto the rug from my uncurling fingers, while I kick off my heels and take the clips out of my bra-length, strawberry blonde hair which was being held in a French roll as I make my way up the stairs. I peel off my smart office wear type clothing as I stroll rather than rush in order to gain my composure and in a way, I’m stripping off the burdensome layers of my working day whilst I go along the landing and I’m naked by the time I push open the bathroom door which was left ajar. The music playing in here is a lot louder as I dance across the tiled flooring and reach my hand playfully into the gap of the shower curtain over the bath in an effort to surprise Gabe. I had figured that a sexy session with my man could be the perfect release that will guarantee my mind is not on my misery.

Only I froze in fear at what I felt, for my hand had cupped a breast with erect nipples. And unless Gabe has taken all of my contraceptive pills at once behind my back and the burst of oestrogen into his system has given him moobs (man boobs) overnight, for this is a woman I’m manhandling and not just any female but someone that I know very well indeed. As I whipped back the shower curtain to reveal my boyfriend Gabe having sex with my friend Paulette. I would recognise those fake tits anywhere for she had made me feel them enough times to see if they had gone hard after the operation. She had gotten round ones done that looked like a couple of big balls had been stuck underneath the skin of her chest. In order to try to bag her unmarried millionaire boss, for he had claimed to be really into fake looking ones. Indeed, it did not work and he married someone else but she remains with the result of carrying around those massive weapons of destruction, for they had murdered my heart and caused the death of my relationship with Gabe.

‘I can’t believe you two would do this to me,’ I shouted at them.

‘It’s not what it looks like,’ shouted Gabe back at me over the loud music before he turned off the radio.

‘You’re not going to try and tell me that she dropped the soap and you slipped on it . . . and then impaled yourself in her backside,’ I say, shaking my head to stop more tears from falling for I refused to cry in front of her. As I grab the large bath towel to wrap around my own nakedness because let us face it, I sure felt inferior next to Paulette. Even damp, she is super sensual and I just look like a drowned rat with rattails for hair but her long jet-black strands are shiny and sleek like a sheet of ebony. She is far prettier and a lot firmer than me plus taller, when standing upright.

‘What happened to your face?’ asked Gabe as if I need reminding just how crappy I appear right now. Paulette looks hot (as in sexy, not in temperature) and it is me who looks bothered, but I have every right to be.

‘Don’t you try to change the subject, or lie to me,’ I insist.

‘It just happened . . . it’s never happened before and it won’t again, I promise,’ said Gabe as he pulled out of Paulette so that she could straighten up and at least she had the decency to stay out of it and stay silent, as she wrapped the shower curtain around her perfection.

‘I’ve heard it all before . . . it’s just empty talk and it means nothing. I mean nothing to you if you can do this to me . . . again,’ I say and turning around to storm out of the bathroom to head for our bedroom.

Gabe jumped out of the bath to follow me and because he had wet feet, he slipped on the hard tiles and went over on his arse but I did not bother to hang about and help him up. I noticed that the bed that I’d made this morning is all messed up so he can’t claim that the shower incident was the first time they’d shagged, as I spy the used condom which I imagined had been dropped over the side of the duvet once its unfaithful deed was done. It had fallen into his shoe and I hope he does not see it until it is too late and he puts his foot inside and it reminds him of his wickedness if nothing else. I felt sick to my stomach and I had to get out of that house immediately, or I will lose my lunch.

‘Please don’t go, Emma. Do not leave me. We can work this out. We did last time. We can get over it. I know we can. Our love is stronger than this,’ he spoke in short sentences, whilst looking at me with pleading eyes.

He actually had the nerve to chase after me with the bath sponge covering over his manhood, as if it was something that I had not seen before and I would be offended if he exposed me to it now. To be fair, I would not want to see it after it has been near Paulette so he would be right about that. I am busy throwing on some mismatched clothes of mine as quickly as I can manage, whilst I spot that their discarded clothing is scattered around the carpet so I start to pick up the mess in my dazed state of mind. However, I soon realise that it is not my doing so why the bugger am I tidying up after them? As I then lean out of the open bedroom window with the bundle in my hands and toss the lot into next doors garden pond.

‘Don’t give me any crap. I deserve better than this from you,’ I shout at him and want to slap the bare cheek of the man, literally.

‘What can I say to explain it . . . other than Paulette’s so adventurous and you’re not? You’re normal to the point of being boring sometimes and you never do anything dangerous or daring, or even foolish and sometimes a guy needs a little excitement in his life.’

‘Oh that’s right; blame me for being boringly normal. It’s called growing up; Gabe and maybe you should try it sometime because you can’t act like a prick all your life and hope to get away with it.’

‘Listen . . . this was just a bit of fun on the side. It’s you I love.’

‘Huh, you’ve a funny way of showing it.’

‘We could spice things up if you’re willing to change. I’m sure Paulette would be up for a threesome if you are,’ he suggests.

‘Step away from me now before I do you some damage with this coat hanger. I don’t want to go to prison for committing a crime of passion because you wouldn’t get out of my face and give me the space to breathe, without smelling her on you.’ I was so angry that I waved the weapon of choice at him and he wisely backed off.

This ongoing scene saw me ripping down some of my clothes off the hangers in the wardrobe to shove into my dark suitcase. I was determined not to let him talk me round like last time when he had cheated on me with someone else and I had gone running back to my dad’s place that he shared with his new wife. I’d come home early from work that day because of a developing head cold and when everyone had insisted that I leave the office immediately, since they were scared of catching it. I’d arrived at my flat (having already given a spare key to Gabe) only to find that whilst supposedly cooking me a fancy dinner to celebrate our six month anniversary, Gabe was in fact having sex with the delivery girl in my bed after she’d brought over the groceries that he’d ordered. The man might be officially called Gabriel but believe me, he is no angel.

While I felt so violated by this act of betrayal, I had to leave my own flat when all I wanted to do was crawl under the soiled covers leftover from their lovemaking in an effort to curl up and die. Instead I headed for the one comfort where I’d thought I would find solace but my father and his recent bride weren’t so keen to have me stay for very long, seeing as I was cramping their style somewhat so they all ganged up on me and persuaded me to give Gabe one more chance. Gabe had asked me to move in with him so there was no way that he would ever cheat again, especially, if we were getting serious about one another and I took this as a sign of his commitment to me. I feel like such a fool for trusting him, less than a year later and it breaks my heart that I love him to bits and this is the way that we will end our romance. Well I cannot see me getting over this one so easily for Paulette is my friend, not some random pickup.

‘What are you doing home at this time in the afternoon anyway?’

‘Oh now you notice that something else might be up with my life, besides you cheating you mean,’ I shout back as I tug open the bedside drawer where I’d stashed along with my passport, just over a couple of grand. I was secretly saving up to take Gabe on a surprise luxury holiday for our next anniversary and he can swivel on a stick if he thinks I will be treating him now after this.

In fact, thinking about it I could do with a holiday after what has happened. I turn to face him one last time in order take in his handsome features. His short dark hair where I love to rub my fingers on the back of his head when we kissed and his lips that made me melt just to touch them with mine but right now, I want to smack him in the chops as everything comes to a head literally. I look into those lying, cheating bastard’s blue sparkling eyes and then I was sick all over his chest whilst I retched forward and brought back my lunch, breakfast and dinner from last night by the look of things. I felt slightly better getting that out of my system I must say, before I stomped out of the home we’d shared (which was technically the house that I’d sold him and he’d told me at the time that he would only buy it if I agreed to go out with him).

Have you ever had one of those days that you wish you could start again? I am talking about one where you know what is about to go down so you can go back and sort out the situation before it becomes a problem and make sure that you erase it altogether so it never even took place at all. If only we had time machines to do that

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