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Probiotics:Getting the Best out of the Good Bacteria

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Probiotics:Getting the Best out of the Good Bacteria

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Did you know that there are around twenty times more bacteria in our body than in our cells, and they are everywhere in our body? There are, indeed, good and bad bacteria that inhabit our digestive tract, particularly in the inner lining of our intestines. These bacteria, in part, consume some of the food we eat. Their waste products can either do harm or do good to us. Good bacteria are those that do good things, while bad bacteria are those that do bad things. Good bacteria can defeat bad bacteria by having a significant good effect on our overall health, metabolism, digestion, and body composition. When outnumbered by the bad bacteria, their population diminishes, and consequently, they die. When they die, the good effects, they impart to us go with them. It is established in science that the body has a quart of sludge full of bacteria, if all the bacteria – both good and bad – were to be collected. Probiotics are dietary supplements thatcontain the good bacteria. Good bacteria are sometimes called beneficial bacteria.

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