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You Know You're a Christian If...

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You Know You're a Christian If...

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The Bible tells us that "a Merry heart is good medicine for the soul and body." God imprinted human beings with the ability to laugh and express joy when we see something that pleases and delights us. God is the creator of humor! He built it into our DNA, and it is a wonderful expression of how glorious our Lord's sense of humor must be. Laughter adds greatly to the quality of our lives. This ground-breaking book, although brief, is designed to lift you from your day-to-day routine and hopefully help you to relieve stress and tension. This is a book that people of all ages can feel comfortable in reading. You can present it to your pastor, associate pastor, and/or any church staff member. There is nothing offensive or controversial. May your enjoyment of this book equal the joy of the author as he was preparing this book for your pleasure. You will find jokes and anecdotes that range from the profound to the silly. Please enjoy.

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