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Well Rules: 10 Secrets That Will Give You a Long and Happy Life

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Well Rules: 10 Secrets That Will Give You a Long and Happy Life

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This mini-book presents the key discoveries contained in The Wellness Club: A Journey To Health Beyond Healthcare. We almost named it "How to Save $, D-Fat, B-Fit and A-void Hospitals" because it's more of a "how to" than "here's what happened."
We were healthcare workers who went on a crusade to learn about wellness.
We learned about our bodies, the science of nutrition and exercise, techniques to reduce stress, and why and how to make personal changes. We also learned a little about healthcare policy; why the richest nation in the world has an epidemic of chronic diseases, and why we can't wait for healthcare reform to work.
First and foremost, we need to reform ourselves by following the WellRules. At times following the science was hard, but people caught on to the key principles and started to adopt them into their lifestyles. The WellRules worked.
Some many seem pretty simple and straightforward, like "WellRule #1: Know what you are putting in your mouth." Turns out, most of us don't know. Do you?
One is a little edgy: "WellRule #7: Join a tribe on the wellness war path." But it needs to be because making changes requires you to kick-in your survival instincts and passions, maybe even alienate family and friends
Others were more subtle, like "WellRule # 9: Think like a human, not react like a rat." This is easier said than done because many of us are trapped in a maze of cues, traditions, and group think that make many of our behaviors mindless and automatic.
The most important one is WellRule #10. Download the book and you'll see why.

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