On/Off: A Jekyll and Hyde Story

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On/Off: A Jekyll and Hyde Story

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An experimental brain implant has freed college freshman Jamie Pepper from the symptoms of early-onset Parkinson's disease. But while his body is under his command, his mind may be out of control.

"If this works, it will let you live again." Those words convince eighteen-year-old Jamie Pepper to undergo a risky operation to treat the debilitating symptoms of early-onset Parkinson's disease. Within months his world is changed for the better. By the fall his college plans are back on track.

Yet as Jamie enters the world of college, embarking on his studies and an exciting new romance, visions from his past, and flashes from an unfamiliar present suggest that all is not as it would appear. Has Jamie been prowling in the night when he thinks he's been sleeping? And if so, is there now blood on his hands?

On/Off follows a young man as he explores modern college life, the realms of the body and the mind, and the ways the past can sneak up and scramble even the most carefully plotted plans for the future.

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