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The Black Hole Experiments Trilogy

The Black Hole Experiments Trilogy

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The Black Hole Experiments Trilogy

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May 29, 2013


A trilogy with three high quality science fiction horror action-packed novelettes of explorers encountering mind-bending voyages beyond the boundaries of space and time!
In the first, Beyond the Universe, a newly invented voyager explores deep space, and leaves space and time, after something starts killing the crew, and in the depths of a minding-bending universe trace a new energy source, and encounter something of supernatural origins, hidden away there since the dawn of time.
In the second, The Black Hole Experiments, explorers stumble on a mysterious metallic sphere, with a pulsating vibration, on Mars.
At first they assume that it is the remains of a probe, but when they analyze its surface they find that it is far older than any of them thought possible.
They unlock it and it opens to reveal its forces, by the manipulation of gravitational forces, are suspending a black hole.
Scientists carry out experiments on the black hole, and at an exhibition an accident occurs and scientists enter it and travel out beyond the realms of space and time to another universe.
In the third, Beyond Space and Time, explorers are imprisoned aboard an ancient alien artifact voyager, archaeologists found after it crashed into the world.
It travels endlessly on to a gateway at the center of space, where it voyages beyond space and time to where it came from.
The voyager takes the explorers through new mind-bending universes, universe after universe, as it accelerates beyond anything experienced before.

May 29, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

A 21st century publisher/author famous for his unique classic mind-bending beyond space and time, alien artifact, and exploration themed science fiction, who did his first mind-boggling science fiction classic From Beyond Space and Time in 1998, who likes and writes 21st century potential blockbusters, headline action thrillers, high quality action-packed movie-style science fiction horror.

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The Black Hole Experiments Trilogy - V Bertolaccini


Part I

Beyond the Universe

Chapter 1

The Mind-Bending Black Hole

A bright explosion of radiance exploded out stunning Kruger as he came to. An immense whirlpool of shifting outlines of globes magically shifted by, and he studied it for a long time and realized that he had no body or proper presence, and was some form of force formation, and he was swirling out into a vortex of reshaping energy patterns that replaced reality, in a surreal splendor of transforming elements and that the mind-bending display of displacements were altering to something that he could not recognize.

Why he was there mesmerized him! Was he even classified as being alive?

He gave a vague gasp as reality magically spun around him in different patterns while he wondered how worse the situation could become. He could be trapped there for all eternity!

So when he saw a white blur in a miniature central region of darkness emerge ahead, as he swirled around, he grew interested, and he started to recognize more and more detail as it grew, and shifted he into it, and within its depths he saw magnificent distant stars, within a haze, blending into his surrounding brilliant colors.

Spectacular white beams exploded out, and stars shot to him, and he realized the tremendous speed that he was traveling at.

Space was expanding all across his front, and he floated into it.

Gradually he felt feelings and saw a transparent view of his body emerge as it transformed and became solid again, and he saw the others appear as ghost images, in the swirling brightness.

The voyager appeared and grew solid about him in stages, as it entered space and time, and magnificent bright white and golden lights filled his entire vision everywhere, as if he were floating into a form of cartoon universe.

The stars became dazzling, which he could not recognize! Their density filled space everywhere, and he was staggered that they could even exist in their state, without being pulled together into an immense explosion.

He exploded with excitement as he looked back and saw the biggest black hole that he had ever seen stretching across space, and he wondered why he was being thrown out of it, and he realized the immense speed that he had been traveling at.

The size of it looked close to the size of a small galaxy, and the vision staggered him and stuck in his mind as he watched it vanish out of view and the spacecraft become solid around him.

Chapter 2

The Monster’s Death

The monster/entity had turned mad in the end, especially when it had attacked the control center of the GX1 spacecraft.

The last shreds of its plan had been instantly ruined when the scientists at the other side of the spacecraft had activated a field that had thrown the whole spacecraft out of space and time, to kill it and escape with their lives.

It had been crazy, but it was all that they could do!

It had been hideous beyond anything anyone had seen, and resembled the devil itself! Not only had it been an entity/monster, altering from one form to another again, the G1 explosions had damaged it and its mind beyond repair, and it continued with only the one goal to kill every life form aboard, and take down the energy shield around the whole voyager to give it to the outer entity, and have it to repair the damage done to it.

Its last moments had been a chaos of killing and destroying everywhere, to gain control of the outer energy shield, but it was unable to think properly and realize how to remove the energy shield, and near the end had even realized that it was close to death and would not survive if it never.

Its last thoughts had been screams of agony, and it watched its existence in all the dimensions become annihilated.

The outer entity had monitored what it could, and had detected its madness with some fascination, as it had never known it!

For a long time it had been studying everything and trying to find another way to get the spacecraft!

After careful examinations of the spacecraft’s outer energy shield it had begun to realize that around the energy bubble there were small amounts of weak energy that could be used to attach some of its energy forms, and it had made a shield of energy made from itself around the energy shield, which would remain hidden there, so when the spacecraft left it would travel with it, and when possible, and they removed the energy screen, it would form into another entity/life form, capable of far more than the entity/human that it had put aboard, and it would become a vastly improved version of it.

Chapter 3

The Mind-Bending World

For a moment Kruger was staggered as a dazzling radiance blinded him, and he thought he had been thrown out of space and time all over again, and he realized that the space vehicle that he was in had crashed.

The sky outside the front of the vehicle was a mass of intense light, from immense stars nearby almost covering the sky there in white and gold, and it was so strange that he was sure that it was not even in another universe anymore, or was at the outer limits of the big bang of a universe, at a distant point.

He switched on a light screen, which shaded the intense light flare blasting into his brain, which now looked like the sun on Earth covering his entire front, and he checked the other two passengers of the vehicle, Major Ripley and Don, which he could now properly see near him.

Even after traveling beyond space and time the world that they were exploring was so mind-bending all the crew were virtually staggered at it all of the time. There was at least a billion light years of what must be the most compact region of space possible, and the world had to have the weirdest landscapes and scan results possible, which was another reason why they were exploring it.

The world about them was so altered from the normal the others never said anything and occasionally gave muffled gasps!

So it has happened again? Major Ripley moaned, and sniggered, glancing out at the world through a side window, with his hands shading his eyes, searching the outer landscape, in wonderment – wondering what they had thrown at him this time. Yet he like new occurrences and such excitement, and getting out the spacecraft.

But I’ve not lost any memories of anything! Kruger stated, checking his memory of everything that he could.

While Don nodded in agreement, he replied, I have not forgotten anything either!

The vehicle had crashed again as it had done on the world in the void, when the alien had wiped away most of their memories of the people in the vehicles to cover it being there, to get aboard GX1 spacecraft, but this time it was different, and Kruger gasped at the thought of the thing still being alive, and up to something.

It made him shiver thinking of all the occurrences that had happened over the past weeks, and wondered what the consequences of it all would be.

The alien may have changed itself and its tactics, realizing the situation is different ... Major Ridley announced.

Yet if it was aboard, why did it come out here? And why would it make us crash? And why would it even risk it – as it would know that we would not fall for it again. It is pointless ...

It could have been an accident this time? Perhaps we have hit something?

"But why were we all unconscious! That is a rare occurrence!"

Kruger felt his head for bruising – which he confirmed never existed ...

I do not recall us actually hitting something, Major Ripley finally announced, after some thought, looking about outside, and below the vehicle. "Look! We’ve only skidded to a standstill into a bog of yellow crawling slime – and the vehicle has stopped itself automatically! Kruger! You’re the scientist here! You work it out for us!"

Perhaps this time it was gas ...?

As I have told you before there’s none in this model! And if this gas exists, it has no smell, and must be concealed somewhere! And I’m sure it would be of interest to the military ... And for them to investigate why it was used ...

There could be some gas in the atmosphere outside, and we may be taking in the outer atmosphere ...?

Major Ripley glanced through all the shuttles instruments, and replied, If I can remember rightly, the vehicle automatically takes in the atmosphere, which it has been doing, as it is perfectly breathable, and that it would have stopped anything getting in that was unwanted ... And there does not seem to be anything in here, or has entered here ...

This is another universe! It has a different framework, and could have different laws of nature ... Unknown to us ...

Meaning what? In other words anything could happen out here now! Perhaps the gas just materialized here – knocked us unconscious – and vanished afterwards ...

We better keep things open that’s all ...

Suddenly, Major Riley jumped, with his eyes jerked wide open, when a human figure shifted out of thick mist outside, at their side, and he removed his weapon.

What is the distance to the nearest shuttle? Major Ripley whispered, to confirm what he knew.

Well, there are hundred vehicles out, and the nearest has to be miles away ...

We better contact the others! Check what is happening!

Kruger watched the strange figure move in close, and bang his large heavy glove hard against the vehicle window near him, and thought he recognized him for a moment.

The problem of having such a vast spacecraft and crew, which he had not gotten used to, was there were too many strangers aboard, and that they were always coming into contact with people that they never recognized, and he now knew hardly any of the other people in the vehicles, and going by what he had seen of Major Ripley and Don that they were the same.

There was nothing strange about the man, who was wearing a spacesuit without a helmet, and only did two things differently, which was his silent and strange look and him being there in the first place, as nobody had wanted to leave the protection of the vehicles, because of the place they were in and the hidden dangers.

Kruger wondered if he would make it home alive, which was incredible, after all the years of helping and preparing for the great voyage to the final frontiers of the universe. They must have done just about everything to check that nothing went wrong, and had proven to them that if anything new was actually found that there would not be any danger. They believed that dangers in space had been virtually annihilated, and were now just small accidents. The dangers of the past were thought to have been left behind. Even in wars, humans were very rarely ever killed, and were mainly fought with machines, and mainly robots, and the people involved hardly ever actually encountered dangers.

He could not place the stranger and put it down to memory loss from the encounter with the alien, and the strange environment of the new universe.

I cannot reach them! Major Ripley shouted.

There could be some damage to the communications ...

You mean something is blocking transmissions ...

Major Ripley stuck his face against the side window and studied his face and figure outside, and the man ignored him, waiting for him to open the door.

Kruger did think he looked familiar and acted like one of the crew, but so had the alien when it had done a perfect impersonation of him, as Dan.

You will have to let him in or something! Don announced. At least talk to him through an opened window!

He could get in here anyway, Kruger stated, after thirty seconds of silence. The vehicles have no real defense against direct attacks – or from that alien.

That’s a good one! But we did drive back with that alien aboard the last time, and we could be blamed for helping it get aboard!

He pressed a switch, and a window partly opened up, and he called out, Someone must be in trouble for you to have come all the way out here! Across this place!

Correct! the stranger replied. Our vehicle crashed, and something killed all the crew ... I just escaped, with my life ...

Major Ripley gasped, and asked, What’s your name, and vehicle number?

I am Larsen of vehicle sixty!

Kruger remembered the name, and had a vague recollection of him, and showed his recognition of him.

I vaguely remember you too! Did you wake up unconscious? And was your communicator working?

Yes, we all woke up unconscious, and the communicator was not working ... I used a device to detect your vehicle, which I knew was here, from our equipment earlier on ...

He showed them a hand device that was in his suit.

Major Ripley moved away from the door where the stranger was, and allowed Kruger to unlock the door, and they watched the air slightly react to the outer atmosphere of the desolate world.

They watched the man enter and speedily close the door behind him, as though he had been waiting to get in for a long time, and to get away from something, and they remained silent as warm air warmed the vehicle again.

Now what will we do? Kruger muttered, looking about outside. You said that there is something deadly over there that killed your entire crew?

"Our vehicle was surrounded by that hideous mist that floats about this place, and something smashed it to pieces, killing them, and escaped, as I was near the back ..."

Kruger studied the man, and saw his fear of the place, and that he had been running to escape from it at one point.

So we better get out of here ... Larsen warned, after they sat doing nothing for a minute. If that thing gets over here ...

Major Ripley immediately jumped over to an area with controls and activated controls, and the vehicle lifted into the air, and floated forwards.

But where are we going to? Don asked. There is more of a chance of it being in front than behind us, if we travel on. As it could spot us at a lot of locations moving on, but if remained here, it will only be able to find us at this spot ...

Correct! Larsen replied first. But this vehicle can swiftly fly upwards, at any speed, and can even travel in space, and that thing cannot leave the ground as far as I saw!

Major Ripley continued on the course they had been on before the crash, ready to lift into the air when needed, and they all seemed more relaxed by it.

When they finally heard a noise from the communication device, Major Ripley jumped to attention and stopped the vehicle, and moved in beside it, and had Don take control of the vehicle, because he was the most alert and ready to handle anything coming at them

Vehicle four here! Major Ripley announced. Any information on why the communications were down?

"Ripley! This is Major Douglas in vehicle two. It seems to have happened again! All the communications were down! They only returned to normal a few minutes ago! We seem to have a different problem this time! All the vehicles crashed, but the vast majority are running again! They’re working on the problem back at the GX1. This time, all the vehicles have been ordered to continue with what they were doing!"

What’s the distance to vehicle sixty from us?

It’s just over three miles from you! Why?

Do me a favor! Was Larsen there?

Yes! But we have not had any reply to our communications to it!

That’s because something has attacked and killed all the crew, except Larsen! Who is in here ...

My God! So there is something out here! I will check for anything from the vehicle! We’ll have to warn everyone about it! I don’t think they will cancel this mission, especially if that alien is here, and impersonating someone, and is trying get aboard again. In fact, I think I would rather stay out here than be stuck aboard with that thing!

Chapter 4

The New Alien/Entity

From nowhere, with an inconceivable speed, a concentrated sphere of energy had appeared, vaguely even being detected by its senses due its formation. Except its acceleration left it staggered!

The new alien had remained dormant and as the rest of the GX1 spacecraft as altered energy shifting through what was beyond space and time, taking a few scans and recordings of its surroundings by its automatic senses, but when it had entered the new universe its senses had detected what was there, and it had partially come to life to investigate what was there, while keeping itself as an energy coating around the spacecraft’s energy shield.

It had sensed that the humans inside the spacecraft had also been staggered by the outer universe, and analyzed its surrounds with amazement, and even thanked the humans for giving it a chance to study such phenomena.

Everything about it had been beyond its knowledge and incredible, and it considered if it was another like itself that had created it all, with inconceivable dimensions and powers, far beyond it, and its knowledge and powers, like it compared itself to its original self billions of years ago.

The void was nothing compared with it! It had all the relevant information that the entity had, and it had been built to handle what it possibly could, and was a compressed version of it, which it had created with the help of the knowledge that it had taken from the spacecraft, and its compressed size.

The black hole was incredible, and its voyage through it, and it had allowed it to travel a great distance, and it wondered if it could get information on how the spacecraft had entered it.

It had observed that the spacecraft had clearly come from such a place, and that its technology was surely greater in many ways to what existed in the new universe. Yet its size was so small that it had still confused it! Could it itself recreate such a thing in a larger size? Should it capture it if possible, or get enough information to recreate it?

Its mission was clearly defined, and it was only able to alter it to achieve its goal. But if it could not return it would have to remove its programming, and mission, and continue as a replacement of the entity.

Thus it soon set itself the task of exploring everything that it could, to gain all the knowledge that it could.

A surge of energy forces that it had never conceived existed had hit its probing forces from the stars, shocking it and fascinating it at the same time. It had been unbelievable and glorious, and it admired it greatly, but had sensed some danger from it, as with its encounter with destruction on its creation.

Through its thoughts a blur of radiation had swirled out of the blackness. Strange energies without any meanings had sent sensations through its structure.

Amidst its awesome powers it had detected the core of the GX1 spacecraft, and it supplying its propulsion forces and energy protection shield, and considered if there was a way to stop its powers reaching the propulsion forces and energy protection shield. At the speed that it was traveling at it should it how powerful it was, and that it could not affect it.

It had sensed that the humans could not use the spacecraft’s higher speeds, at hundreds of times the speed of light, because of the short distances between the stars there, with the immense amount of worlds, moons, asteroids – and that they had a problem.

The entity had always thought of things in size, and small had always been powerless and about useless, and it had realized that far greater powers could exist in it and it being concentrated.

It had visualized the appearance of the stars at a close range, and considered how it could use such forces, and it imagined using such forces, and using the technology of the spacecraft with them, and it hurtling through the universe to anywhere.

The entire energy surrounding it and exploding from stars blanketing out any darkness had overwhelmed it, and even worried it, and what could exist in its depths, and it had detected incredible things there, and considered if it could leave there if it had to, and if it could get back to the void to the entity, which surely could do something with the knowledge it would give it, and if it could get back there.

Its body had absorbed the power with enchantment, as it could not recall having taken in such forces since its creation.

After many probes, and unsuccessful probing of the spacecraft, including through multidimensional sensors, it had accumulated everything that it could and had started to examine what it had accumulated.

The unique energy shield of the spacecraft had stayed a great interest to it, and it had consistently considered if it could recreate it, as a defense.

All its knowledge of the spacecraft had been little, and from what it had gained would take it a long time to find what it wanted, if it actually had enough to find what it wanted – unless it got aboard, and it had realized again why its main mission was to get aboard, and study it, with the possible chance of capture.

If it let it go it would be a mistake, as it had realized that it could be the only time it would come across such a phenomenon.

The vastness and powers of what it had become so vivid, and it had realized that it would have transform into something new, and it had thought of its original thoughts of the object’s discovery, and of the finding of the things in it, and at the same time it had detected with amazement it was decelerating, and it had detected its surveillance of a world ahead, and it had been sure that it intended to make contact with it.

When it had gone into orbit around it, it had probed the world with fascination, and even lost interest in what was happening to study what it found. It had never seen anything like it before, and it had been fascinated at what could exist there, without it knowing that it could exist, even with it being outside its normal reaches. It marveled at what it had been missing while drifting and constructing itself in the void.

What strange things existed there? It was always interested in new discoveries, science, and inventions, and had it marveled at the years ahead of it! What other wonders would it find? Where would it end up?

It had left the voyager to carry out its mission, and explored the world the best that it could in its present state, as it had been still evolving itself into the entity/life form that it had been programmed to alter into.

It had been surrounded with mind-bending wonders and visions as it had explored what it could, seeking answers, and it had returned to surveying the GX1 when it had landed, and later on it had detected some of the humans leaving it, and going outside the energy screen again, and it had examined their free thinking states and realized that it could reproduce one of them easily, as it had been programmed to do, and it had made them all unconscious and had replaced one of them with an identical copy, which it could control and exist in, to enter the energy shield of the GX1.

Chapter 5

The Second Crash

The vehicle was racing along when there was a firm shudder, making them jerk up and down, and it when crashing down into a pool of water below, thumping into the edge of an area of mud, splashing mud and water everywhere, over the windows, blinding their view, and Kruger turned and hit the side of the vehicle, hurting his elbow.

Though Major Ripley seemed to be the only real one to get hit by the impact, and grasped his leg and held it for a few minutes, from the pain of it being bashed against the controls at his front.

What the hell was that? he moaned, trying to see out the vehicle, while checking the instruments confused, trying to get what was happening. This place will be the end of me ...

It seems to have happened over again! Larsen stated, still believing they were doomed to death, as if they were only temporally avoiding death.

But why are we not unconscious this time? Major Ripley replied swiftly, trying to get what he had missed. We’ve barely made an hour of our journey from the spacecraft, and have crashed again ...

"Perhaps this world is different from the other world in the void, and there is something else here that is causing it ..."

What something else ... he moaned, lifting his knee, examining it, and placing it back down. I don’t know whether to be glad with that thought ... If this thing is the original alien, then we have had it. But if it is something new, are we better off ...?

The others were killed ...!

Great! So now it is down to how bad a death we may receive!


So how quickly and painfully did that thing in the other vehicle kill them then ...?

I would say they were about the same ...

Great! Absolutely great!

Kruger tried checking the instruments from where he was, and gave up, as they never showed anything.

What condition is the vehicle in then? he finally asked.

It is not working, and it does not have anything on what the cause of it ...

We’d better contact the others then!

Major Ripley started using the communications equipment to contact his old friend Major Douglas, and told him, Our vehicle is down! We have crashed into a pool ...

Major Ripley tried seeing through areas of the windows that had thinner mud over them.

Your vehicle has crashed! Major Douglas spluttered out, staggered at what he had told him. You’d better get out of there now!


Just get the hell away from the vehicle ...!

How will we get transport to move on ...?

There have been reports of other crashes since all the vehicles crashed earlier, and the occupants have been killed ...

What direction will we go in ...

"We have your location! Go to your right, and I’ll have a

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