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I, Writer

I, Writer

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I, Writer

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Apr 16, 2013


This is an introduction to my other eBooks – 7 volumes of Flash Fiction in most genres, 4 of poetry & 5 of essays, inc the unexplained. This volume has over 40 pieces of Flash Fiction + Poetry, Writing Tips and Memoirs – a dip-in volume to read at your leisure in a fast world. Here’s hoping I slow you down a little.

Apr 16, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Thinker & Storyteller****7,453 Words to Save the UK and I,Writer are now FREE. Scroll down to find them.*****1955 (Yorkshire, England) – I am born (Damn! Already been done). ‘Twas the best of times ... (Oh well).I was actually born in the year of Einstein's death, close to Scrooge's Counting House. It doesn't mean anything but it sounds good. As for my education, I left school at 15 and have had no formal education since. Hence, I'm self-taught.****From a family of newsagents, at 18 I did a Dick Whittington and went off to London, only to return to pretend to be Charlie and work in a chocolate factory.When I was ten I was asked what I wanted to be. I said soldier, writer and Dad. I never thought of it for years – having too much fun, such as a time as lead guitarist in a local rock band – but I served nine years in the RAF, got married and had seven kids. I realized my words had been precognitive when, at age 27, I came down with M.E. – a condition I’ve suffered ever since – and turned my attention to writing.Indeed, as I realized that no expert could tell me what was wrong with me, I began my quest to find out why. Little did I realize it would last decades and take me through the entire history of knowledge, leaving me with the certainty that our knowledge systems are inadequate.****My non-fiction is based on P-ology, a thought process I devised to work with patterns of knowledge, and designed to be a bedfellow to specialization. A form of Rational Holism, it seeks out areas the specialist may have missed. I work from encyclopaedias and introductory volumes in order to gain a grasp of many subjects and am not an expert in anything, but those patterns keep forming. Hence, I do not deal in truth, but ideas, and cover everything from politics to the paranormal.When reading my work I ask only: do I make sense? Of course, an expert would say: a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I agree. And an expert has so little knowledge of everything.I also write novels and Flash Fiction in all genres.

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I, Writer - Anthony North

I, Writer

By Anthony North

Copyright Anthony North 2013

Cover image copyright, Yvonne North 2013

Smashwords Edition

No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission

Other books by Anthony North

Beginning in 2019 I’m publishing 14 volumes of my fiction, inc 7 novels in most genres, & 21 works of non-fiction covering cults, politics, conspiracies, religion, disasters, science, philosophy, warfare, crime, psychology, new age, green issues & all areas of the unexplained, inc ufology, lost worlds and the paranormal. Hopefully appearing at the rate of one a month, check out the latest launch at my bookstore at or buy direct from Smashwords for all devices at:

In addition to the above, you may like my ‘I’ Series – 8 volumes of flash fiction (horror, sci fi, romance, adventure, crime), 4 volumes of poetry & 5 volumes of short essays from politics to the unexplained. Available from same links as above. Also check out my bookstore for news of my books out in paperback.




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Stories 7 - 12

Stories 13 - 18

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Stories 37 - 43



Tips – Pt 1

Tips – Pt. 2

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Life – Pt. 1

Life – Pt. 2


List of Stories & Essays

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This is an introduction to my other eBooks – 7 volumes of Flash Fiction in most genres, 4 of poetry & 5 of essays, inc the unexplained. This volume has over 40 pieces of Flash Fiction + Poetry, Writing Tips and Memoirs – a dip-in volume to read at your leisure in a fast world. Here’s hoping I slow you down a little.


Stories 1 – 6

(1) Criticism of Style (2) Moon Ladder (3) Outrageous (4) Time For a Change (5) Invasion Alien (6) Harvest


No style!!? Me? What’s he talking about?

I put down the paper – well, I scrunched it up and threw it in the fire. Any paper that could publish such a review of my latest book was unworthy of being read.

No style? What nonsense is this? Okay, you can say a writer’s style is good, brilliant, indifferent or absolute rubbish. But no style? How can a book – anything – NOT have style – a pattern? If he didn’t like me, fair enough, but to obliterate me from existence!

Several days later, I had not calmed down. He had gotten deep into my mind and evil thoughts just would not get out of my head, and I wished him nothing but bad luck.

‘I wish him bad luck,’ I eventually said to a person I spoke to in the bar.

It was the following week that I read of the car accident. He wasn’t dead, but he did have a broken leg – which made it very difficult to escape the fire in his house the week after that.

He did escape, of course, with some rather painful burns. But he would live – to be scooped up onto the bonnet of the car during the hit and run …

And so it went on. Just a simple curse and it is done. It seems that this is how the enforcer got his reputation – and I have to say he was quite cheap, considering.

‘Ah,’ said the detective when I pointed this out. ‘That’s because he always follows the same incompetent pattern and he’s soon caught. Along with the person who hires him.’

So there it is, folks. I’m writing this from prison. And there’s one thought I just can’t get out of my head:

If only he’d had no style …


‘Build a ladder to the moon.’

Reynolds remembered the words – and it was hard to imagine it was only twenty years ago. And now, as he manoeuvred the shuttle into Earth orbit, he looked down on the result.

It had taken a couple of years to thrash out the principles, but once the basic tech had been designed, and the money had been allocated, the project was on. And at last, thought many, the Earth’s industrial and energy problems were over.

It had first been thought up by science fiction writers in the mid-20th century. Matter Drivers, they were called – a kind of huge electronic pulsed cannon, firing a constant stream of matter into space from the moon. It could be ore, anything that could be mined, and with no atmosphere to impede its acceleration, the journey to Earth would be cheap and effortless. Indeed, the only problem seemed to be the rungs – electronic pulsers to give the matter an extra boost on its journey to Earth. Indeed, working out the exact positions in relation to the orbit of Earth or moon had been the main stumbling block.

But Reynolds had been there on the moon when the first stream had been fired, and he had followed them in the shuttle as they journeyed, and he had watched the way they were aimed to enter the atmosphere gently, only burning up half their mass, and ending up in the collectors on Earth.

It was the most ingenious answer to man’s industrial insanity, they had said. But maybe the people should have known all along the vindictive nature of man. After all, with the equivalent of a constant meteor storm aimed directly at Earth, it was inevitable that something would eventually go wrong. And as Reynolds looked down on the Earth, its cities shattered, its oceans vaporized by the impacts, the idea entered his head that maybe mass suicide was intended all along.


When I think back to how it was, I can’t believe it happened to me. There I was, a nobody, living a typical life of a teenager. Eighteen years old, a girlfriend, a job – of sorts – but mainly boredom. And then I auditioned for the TV talent show.

I knew I had a good voice. I’d even been told I had ‘presence’. And well, we know how it went from there.

I won! Millions voted for me, and suddenly I was the star.

Oh man, how life changed. It was incredible. The girls, the adulation, the crowds screaming like that!

It’s hard to explain how it is to BE somebody, to have people know your name, to have people aspire to be like you.

The money poured in, of course.

It was hard work, but I deserved that money. And okay, some people think I became rather outrageous, and I suppose I did – a larger than life character, bedding all those girls, the booze, the drugs, the statements on life, the universe and everything …

Oh, what the hell – I enjoyed it! It was great! I was the luckiest man on Earth!

Yeah, right!

Well, mom, if only I’d been allowed to live as me, rather than that soulless image that was created for me, I wouldn’t be writing this suicide note ….


‘Well I think I’m ready for a change,’ said Jack.

‘Why’s that?’ asked Pete.

‘Well, look at it?’ Jack was

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