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Reiki: A Powerful Catalyst for Personal Transformation and Healing

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Reiki: A Powerful Catalyst for Personal Transformation and Healing

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 296 pagine3 ore


Curious about Reiki? Already a practitioner or Master/Teacher? This book is for you. In addition to introducing Reiki and all of its uses and benefits, it offers practical guidelines for its use and for the journey of the practitioner to improve his or her own state of being as well as his or her presence with clients.

The author, who has been teaching Reiki since 1998 continues to be fascinated with the transformational power of the initiations.

This book on Reiki differs from other books on the market in the following ways:
- It focuses on the fact that Reiki is first and foremost a path unto one’s self from which we can help others heal, rather than the traditional focus as a healing modality for others. In this sense it stresses how the Reiki initiations are a powerful catalyst for personal growth that propel the student to be more aligned with his or her life task and mission.
- Testimonials relating students’ experiences of growth and transformation through the process are included.
- Many issues that the practitioner needs to be aware of in the therapist/client relationship are discussed. In addition, the importance of continually working on one’s self to be better able to be present for another is presented.
- The book includes guidelines for setting up a practice and marketing.
- Many questions about working with clients are answered that are useful for the curious, the practitioner and the Reiki Master.

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