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Captain Cut'Em Down and Shipmates

Captain Cut'Em Down and Shipmates

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Captain Cut'Em Down and Shipmates

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28 minuti
Mar 26, 2013


A ferocious storm blows up, the steerage won’t function, and Captain Cut’EmDown and his crew on board the pirate ship, Rollicking Life, can do nothing but secure the ship and ride it out below deck.

Next morning the seas are calm but a stench
permeates the air. They have sailed into a ship graveyard, the Sea Devil’s Cauldron, where the wind never blows. Dozens of silent pirate ships have been trapped, their sails tattered and torn, masts broken, decks covered with the creeping seaweed ... and skeletons.

Starvation and death is a certainty if Captain Cut’EmDown and his crew don’t find a way out of this windless foul environment, fast.

Mar 26, 2013

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Captain Cut'Em Down and Shipmates - Don Park

Captain Cut’EmDown

and Shipmates

Don Park

Copyright belongs to Don Park 2013 ©

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Published by Mackay Books

350 Bothwell Park Road

R D 2

Waiuku 2682

New Zealand


The Sea Devil’s Cauldron

Watch that mainsail, you jelly baby sea swabs! roared Captain Cut’EmDown, going cross-eyed with anger.

As if in answer, the already shrieking wind blew even louder, and as the rain lashed like ice cold needles the deck crew clung desperately to the flopping sail.

Shiver me old timbers, Bosun, cried the captain. I ain’t seen a storm like this in all my years at sea.

The bosun, Bert, lashed to the steering wheel, his great strong hands white from gripping the spokes in his vain efforts to hold the bucking ship into the waves, turned to look uneasily at his captain.

Aye, Captain, nor I, and I don’t like the look of what’s up ahead either!

Captain Cut’EmDown stood with his back to the driving rain and stared at the scene before him. His ship, the Rollicking Life, his pride and joy, was a sorry sight with rigging tangled and sails ripped. Mountainous waves as high as the tallest church spire carried the brave vessel up to lofty heights and then crashed her down into green valleys where the ocean water angrily roared. Each time the vessel shuddered and creaked, each member of the crew thought it would break its back.

Captain Cut’EmDown wiped the dripping water from his eyes with a huge black handkerchief, a white skull and crossbones decorating one corner of the kerchief. He stared into the swirling havoc and tried to

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