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The Soul's Journey Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love's Triumph

The Soul's Journey Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love's Triumph

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The Soul's Journey Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love's Triumph

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Mar 5, 2013


lee Mitchell, certified past life regression therapist and between lives regression therapist, leads you into stories of healing the wounds and trauma of this life and past lives. "listen I" on past life regression therapy facilitated by lee Mitchell and guided by the clients' spirit guides and higher soul self. experience channeling from ascended beings on our future and our soul's path. you will discover cases of souls as elementals, light beings, and amphibious beings from a water civilization over 100,000 years ago on earth.

in this book, lee Mitchell delves into cases she has experienced over the last five years that help relieve:
panic attacks and agoraphobia
attachments and the energy drain they have
feeling "stuck" in life
sexual abuse in present and past lives
physical wounds and the past life trauma
that caused them
traumatic painful relationships
feeling like you are from another home than

Mar 5, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Lee Mitchell graduated with a business degree and minor in psychology from North Texas State University (Now: University of Texas at Denton) Lee had a career in real estate that spanned over 30 years with the last ten being her own general contracting business, Lee Mitchell Homes, Inc. in Crestone and Salida, Colorado. Though Lee had always been intrigued with Dr. Michael Newton's studies on past life and between lives regression work, it was not until 2008 that she made the move to be certified as a past life regression hypnotherapist. She was certified by Linda Backman, PhD. whom had trained with Dr. Michael Newton and had been one of his original instructors for the past life and between life regression academy he founded in Arizona. Presently, Lee has regressed almost one thousand clients either in groups or individually. Lee works out of Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Sarasota, Florida. Soon to start facilitating in San Diego, California, she has expanded her work to include attachment release. Lee lives in Littleton, Colorado with her only child, Casey, her walker hound whom has her own healing abilities. Lee is also a spiritual intuitive and has a lively practice reading for others in her home office, and in metaphysical stores in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. Visit her website at http::// or email her at

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The Soul's Journey Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love's Triumph - Lee Mitchell

The Soul’s Journey

Regression Cases of Parallel Lives, Attachments, Light Beings, and Love’s Triumph

Lee Mitchell

The Soul’s Journey

2013 by Lee Mitchell

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, without prior written permission from the publisher.


First Edition

Cover Design and Book Design by Maryann Brown

E-book Design by

Smashwords Edition

Licensing Notes

This e-book is licensed for your personal use and enjoyment only. This e-book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or if it was not purchased for your use only, please visit and purchase a copy for yourself. Thank you for respecting this author’s work.

The strong and courageous cheetah on the cover represents all the big cats that lovingly protect me and watch over me at all times. Cheetah responds to opportunity without hesitation when it presents itself. And so I try to do the same.

Worn-out Garments

Are shed by the body:

Worn-out bodies

Are shed by the dweller

Within the body

New bodies are donned

By the dweller, like garments.

Not wounded by the weapons,

Not burned by the fire,

Not dried by the wind,

Not wetted by water:

Such is the Atman*,

Not dried, not wetted,

Not burned, not wounded,

Innermost element,

Everywhere, always,

Being of beings,

Changeless, eternal,

For ever and ever.

The Bhagavad-Gita

*the godhead within us all




Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Traumatic Relationships Understood

Chapter 3 - Attachments From Past Lives That Cause Nightmares

Chapter 4 - Cases For Parallel Lives

Chapter 5 - Releasing Physical Wounds to Bring Joy Back to the Soul Self

Chapter 6 - Feeling Stuck in Life

Chapter 7 - Channeling Our Spirit Guides, Ascended Beings, or Higher Soul Self

Chapter 8 - Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks

Chapter 9 - Past Lives as Elementals and Fairies

Chapter 10 - Light Beings as Human Souls

Chapter 11 - Sexual Abuse in Present and Past Lives

Chapter 12 - A Family of Light Beings From Arabitzia

Chapter 13 - A Water Civilization 100,000 Years Ago

Chapter 14 - A Progressive on Venus




About the Author


I am meeting friends this week to celebrate 12/12/12. We are gathering with chants, drumming, and crystal bowls to send love and peace to our mother Earth. Through thoughts of this celebration, which will be coinciding with celebrations all over the world, I have come to realize that love and peace are the common themes of this book.

All of us want inner peace and love for ourselves and our loved ones. But these are very trying times for humans in the world. Americans are involved in two wars, we have had record natural disasters this year of flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes, and our economic future in the U.S., Great Britain, Greece, Italy, France, and even Iceland seems uncertain at best. The hope for that peace and love seems very dim for many at this time in our history.

The stories you are about to read are concerning average human beings having very unusual spiritual experiences. Whether they want to bring back peace to their lives, and hope that looking at past life trauma can do that by releasing pent-up pain held onto for too long, or they want to bring peace and love back to their hearts through clear understanding of their present relationships by looking at past lives with these same soul partners. These relationships with members of their soul group have played out over centuries, life after life, as you will see revealed in the chapters coming up.

For some in these stories, they just had a life that seemed so very unsettling, that they came to past life therapy in hopes that they could ease their pain at feeling they don’t belong here on earth. They hoped the altered state of their subconscious, while in trance, would give them some answers for peace, love and happiness in their present lives.

Probably the most confused and displaced clients looking for peace and love are the ones that are here for a mission from far, far away, but do not consciously remember what that mission is. They are searching for clarity and understanding for their role here and are looking for like-minded travelers who are warriors like themselves to enjoy their earthly existence while they fight the war to save planet Earth.

I hope that the participants in this book have been helped on their journey by the benefits they received in past life and spiritual soul regression therapy work with me. There are many other stories, just as important, that are not in this book, of people also looking for the peace and love in their present lives that we all seek. I believe that spiritual regression hypnotherapy is a tried and proven method for opening our hearts to expose old, painful traumas to shine the light on them once and for all, to dispel the darkness that has been associated with these traumas, and release them to ensure that love and peace can indeed be theirs for the taking. May these stories reach out to touch others, like the people in this book, to bring awareness to many that peace and love is available to us all.

Lee Mitchell

December 2012


This book could not have reached completion without the encouragement and work of many friends and professionals. I would like to thank Elizabeth Amigo, first, for her level of excellence in editing each and every page until they were just right. I know it was trying for you, Elizabeth. Thank you for having patience with me. Then my good friend, Marta Shoman, must be acknowledged for her professional critique. Marta forced me to look at the themes and ideas of the book before anyone else was allowed to see the first manuscript. Marta became that little teacher inside my head. Thank you, Marta.

My immense thanks to Liz Wendling, president of Sales Coach for Women in Denver. Just coincidently we became neighbors just when I started this book and she introduced me to many of the professionals below whom she had used and enjoyed. There are no coincidences, you know Liz. I have so enjoyed our walks with Casey and Hanna, our dogs, over all these many months.

My sincere thanks to Maryann Brown for her book formatting. She is a professional in all that she does. Thank you, Maryann, for not only putting the book in the correct format for book printing, but the beautiful, yet simple, design of the cover. Gail Nelson, my deepest appreciation for your skill in putting this book into e-book format. Amazon thanks you and I thank you for your experience in formatting in all forms of e-book organization. You make me and my book look progressive and current.

Many friends helped along the way to lift my spirits as deadline after deadline was not met. My thanks goes to my dear friends, Jeannine Lehman, Shaylene Wright, and Pat Opper. I also must mention my friend, Suzy Emmett, and her insight as a medium and psychic. Suzy encouraged me from the start to get this book out to the public to help others. I know all of you just wanted me to reach the finished product for my own satisfaction of completion. This book has been a goal of mine for many, many months. I also want to thank Margo Park. She was my mentor, though she is not a past life regression therapist. Margo helped me start my career of past life regression therapist and spiritual intuitive by guiding me in my first few months. Your light goes far, my friend.

I would also like to thank Linda Backman, PhD. and her husband Earl Backman who certified me in past life regression therapy. Also, Anne and Greg of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology & Hypnotherapy for certifying me in hypnotherapy, and Dr. Brian Weiss, MD, and Michael Newton PhD. for their influence in my education of past life and between life hypnotherapy.

Most importantly, I want to thank all the kind and sincere clients of past life regression sessions that are exhibited in this book. Without their stories, there would be no book to inform others. Thank you all so much for allowing me to bring your stories to light to inform and enlighten others of past life and between life therapy.

Chapter One


It takes courage to pursue the path of alignment with spirit and with your truest nature. The spiritual warrior in all of us is being called to action in these most chaotic and uncertain, yet exciting, times on our planet Earth.

As a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and a spiritual intuitive, I work with many people who are searching for clarity regarding their soul’s purpose. Many have strayed from their higher self ’s chosen path and are out of alignment with their soul’s path. In the early 21st century, we are awakening to the use of multisensory tools in this self-discovery path. For many, it’s unsettling to use such tools.

Yet, others embrace these new-found abilities of listening to their inner knowing, which is their highest self. People are being uplifted in listening to certain frequencies of music or tonal music, or resonating with the I AM mantras that open up enlightened corridors of their inner soul self. Some allow the interconnected feeling to expand into work with volunteer groups, or green-formed organizations, or spiritual pursuit groups that open their hearts and minds to their evolution.

As a part of the transition into this human soul-shift, we must investigate the dark recesses of our hearts and minds. The traumas and pains from the past can be found there in the shadow as described by a grandfather of psychology, Carl G. Jung. We must heal the past by facing the truth of our life experience. Take responsibility for the choices we made, face the pain, let go of guilt and accept that the past has had a profound impact on the present. The time has come to self-liberate, heal and set ourselves free. To want freedom from past hurts and to achieve this liberation are very different things. But the first step is to have the longing and courage to heal. Past life regression therapy is a very valid source for this healing.

Personal research and the development of clinical hypnosis techniques are helping clients to access their soul memories about past lives and the afterlife. Achieving a super-conscious trance state to recall one’s memories of past lives and the soul’s path trajectory is a major theme of this book. By safely re-experiencing the scenes of the traumatic experiences, and the emotional feelings that parallel these traumas, the client is freed to delete the shadow energy, and release it for good. These traumas will continue to affect our present lives if we do not uncover the emotion behind them. They trap us in a mesh of density that prevents us from more fully being in total alignment with spirit.

Spiritual Regression Therapy Is A Combination Of Past Life Regression Therapy And Spiritual Soul Regression

Past life regression (PLR) therapy and between lives regression (BLR) hypnotherapy constitute spiritual regression therapy. The hypnosis facilitator should be well educated in the field of metaphysics in order to be able to analyze the karmic influences in a client’s existence from both psychological and historical perspectives.

In past life regression therapy, the hypnotherapist is taking the client to a light alpha brain wave state to experience a past life or lives that will help them release emotions that are attached to trauma from these past lives in their present life. In between lives regression therapy, the hypnotherapist is taking the client to a deeper theta brain wave state to experience not only a most recent past life, but also to experience their soul state in a realm where they reside as spirit. The client meets their soul group, guided by their master guide, and also reviews their performance in this past life with their Council of Elders, and they meet specialty groups they work with in spirit. Depending on the client, other topics may be addressed in BLR, such as how many lives they have lived before their present one. Usually, a client will experience a PLR before journeying through a BLR.

Past life regression and between lives regression work can help open the doors of understanding. In regression hypnotherapy, any desired present life shift in thinking evolves from conscious and unconscious processes led by the client’s higher self and their team of spiritual guides and teachers.

The comparison of living our lives on earth to being an actor who takes a role in a stage play can be a helpful analogy for understanding past life work. You may decide to be the female lead role in a life, and some of your soul group members may take the male lead role or the supporting role as best friend, the friend from college role, your children with you and your spouse, and so on. Our human bodies can be compared to the costumes an actor wears for his role in the play. The difference between a human soul and an actor in a play is that souls accumulate all the life experiences as they evolve in many lives, while actors simply drop the role and move on when the next role is offered. These life experiences can be positive ones that make us stronger or negative patterns and dependent traits that weaken us. Many times we will repeat patterns life after life.

As the Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, from Autobiography of a Yogi, so elegantly stated:

Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you, for in Reality they are nothing but dream experiences. If circumstances are bad and you have to bear them, do not make them a part of yourself. Play your part in life, but never forget that it is only a role.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Past life regression work can allow our higher super-conscious to return to these traumatic events that set up the negative patterns, and help us release the emotion and spiritual attachment we have to them.

The positive life experiences allow us to strengthen our spiritual muscle in order to take on more complex roles here on earth. The more times we experience the pain of losing a loved one and triumph in spite of it, we are made stronger. The more we blossom from tragic and hard beginnings to a mature, competent adult, the more our souls strengthen. These are the ultimate qualities of confidence, compassion, and love of who we truly are at our core soul self.

21st Century Leaders In Past Life Regression

The most recent beginning of past life regression therapy work was brought to public attention in the 1980s. Dr. Brian Weiss wrote his best-selling book, Many Lives, Many Masters, in 1988. Publishing this landmark text resulted in his resignation from his commanding job as Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami to practice past life regression hypnotherapy and lecture world-wide on the benefits of looking at past life events. He weighed his decision to leave traditional psychiatry for almost 10 years before coming out with this best-selling book. I personally followed the researcher, Dr. Michael Newton, when his books came out in the 1990s. Dr. Michael Newton is the 21st century psychologist and hypnotherapist who brought national attention to PLR with his thought-provoking books, Journey of Souls (1994) and Destiny of Souls (2000), which have been translated into over thirty languages. He is also the author who coined the phrase, Life Between Lives Regression. His insights are derived from personally facilitating over 7,000 clients into their spiritual life between physical incarnations on Earth.

More recently, Dolores Cannon has come forward with detailed documentation of past life regression therapy. Dolores Cannon is an international public speaker and author on past life regression. She has published over 20 volumes of interesting work including her best-selling series, Convoluted Universe, Books 1 through 4. Dolores Cannon has facilitated cases from all over the world as she lectures at her seminars. Now well into her 80s, she reports from clients whose souls have traveled to be on earth from other planets and galaxies. Dolores Cannon has now done thousands of regressions and has given her opinion on the validity of this research into our soul’s past:

It is a valuable tool, but that is all it is, a tool. When you begin to evolve and know yourself, then you no longer need to continue going back into the past. The past memories are good and valuable information, but they must be put to use in the present body, especially family relations. We have to weave it all together the same way we have woven the memories of our own childhood and other experiences.

For good or bad, they are the story of our life and must be dealt with and reconciled. This helps make the individual a well-rounded and sane personality.1

A Rocky Mountain regional leader in past life regression is Greg McHugh, with his book, The New

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    Absolutely loved this book. The information and clarity of former reincarnations from clients of Lee's are so vivid and real. would recommend to anyone that is like myself and loves delving into past lives, regression and etc.

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