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The “Attack” Trilogy: Cappadocia, Shkodra, Wuerzburg

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The “Attack” Trilogy: Cappadocia, Shkodra, Wuerzburg

Lunghezza: 110 pagine1 ora


What do Cappadocia, Shkodra, and Wuerzburg have in common? Across the miles and through the ages they have been the site of attacks: during invasions and during battles. We often think of those attacks in terms of the total number of people injured and killed and the amount of property damage done. But we often lose track of the individuals who go through the attacks – the individuals on both sides, soldiers and civilians alike.

These three short stories look at historic attacks in Cappadocia, Turkey, Shkodra, Albania, and Wuerzburg, Germany through the eyes of a mother, children, a priest, soldiers, and more.

Early reviewers said of the Cappadocia tale: "Great story of faith and courage! I really enjoyed it."

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