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Burgers and Kebabs for the Grill and BBQ

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Burgers and Kebabs for the Grill and BBQ

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Burgers and Kebabs for the Grill and BBQ gets you all set for the summer BBQ season. Burgers are really the mainstay of most everyday BBQ recipes. However, if you just go down to the supermarket and get their preprepared burgers and kebabs you might be just missing a trick or two that will change your ordinary BBQ into something special. This book has burger recipes and kebab recipes from across the world. There are over 65 different recipes to choose from and they all have something special to offer from tasty homemade burgers to the best shish kebab recipes that you can find anywhere. Although most of the hamburger recipes rely on ground beef recipes there are also recipes for low fat turkey burgers as well, so that you can look after your diet issues as well. Here, you will find the best hamburger recipe using pure ground beef as well as the most succulent turkey burger recipe. Just choose a burger recipe that you like the look of and away you go. You can do different hamburgers each time you do a BBQ and keep the best burger recipe for all of those special occasions. Whether you call it a kebap, kabab or kebab there is nothing more flavorsome that comes of a BBQ compared to a nicely spiced shish kebab or chicken kebab. You will certainly find a chicken kebab recipe to suit your taste, but why stop there, why not try to make a juicy kofte kebab or even try an adana kebab from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. BBQ recipes should be fun and that is just what trying something different is all about. It is ok to carry on with the usual BBQ chicken recipes but why not try something different and that is certainly what you will get from ' Burgers and Kebabs for the Grill and BBQ'.

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