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Natural Beauty Tips and Advice: How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY!

Natural Beauty Tips and Advice: How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY!

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Natural Beauty Tips and Advice: How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY!

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Feb 9, 2013



Beauty Tips Guide Reveals How to Look Beautiful on a Budget!

A new book Natural Beauty Tips and Advice – How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best Everyday by Victoria Mason, has been released, covering 25 chapters of tips and advice anyone can put to use. It opens with a chapter on having the right attitude to be attractive to oneself and others, and then moves forward to explain mistakes that can be avoided in attaining beauty.

The book includes chapters on clothing, cosmetics, and diet, all of which contribute in their own way to personal beauty and a different impact for each individual. Another section covers do-it-yourself beauty routines. Natural beauty products are discussed next, while the following chapter is a discussion on how environment and stress have an affect on one’s overall appearance. In addition, fitness is connected logically to maintaining a beautiful figure and overall persona.

Next, choices of hair style, cut, and color are discussed, followed by a section on hair removal. Focusing on beauty tips and advice at a low cost, the book also describes homemade products one can make in the kitchen, with items they already have. Since it can be so difficult to work on a personal style, a chapter is devoted to this topic.

Natural Beauty Tips and Advice also reveals how someone can look good regardless of illness, while sections on beauty during menopause or pregnancy are provided. There are also tips for teens to optimize their natural beauty. Nails, posture and poise, for body language, and information on appearance enhancers are also covered in the proceeding chapters.

In addition to personal care tips, the book also offers advice on seeking professional beauty treatments, caring for skin, and deciding on plastic surgery. Another chapter covers teeth, while the final chapter reveals the secrets of anti-aging products. The complete book provides a comprehensive synopsis on the many tips and advice that go into obtaining and benefiting from natural beauty.

Natural Beauty Tips and Advice – How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best Everyday is now available for purchase.


Feb 9, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Victoria Mason has been a professional book writer since 1995. Since starting out she has written and had numerous books published on popular topics. The following is a list of her work: •Sewing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today! You Published •Real Estate Investing for Beginners – ‘How to Invest Wisely On Your First Property WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SHIRT! You Published •Valentine's Day Ideas - Romantic Tips for Adding That Extra Zing For That Someone Special! You Published •The Last Cigarette? - How to Stop Smoking and Quit The Habit For Good! - An Idiots Guide to Better Health and Wellness You Published •What to Expect When Pregnant - Week by Week! - A Week By Week Guide to the Ups, Downs, and Common Experiences of Pregnancy You Published •The Parenting Bible - A Guide for Overcoming Challenges and Building A Healthy & Happy Family! You Published •How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You! A Handbook to Winning in the Game of Dating and Relationships You Published •Gardening with Success - Quick Tips and Ideas for Having a BEAUTIFUL Garden ALL YEAR Long! You Published •Natural Beauty Tips and Advice - How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY! You Published •All about Breast Feeding - The Absolute Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby! You Published •The Dog Training How to Guide - Basic Facts on Dogs You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home! You Published •The Scrapbooking How to Guide - Ideas for Scrapbooking and Turning Moments into Memories! You Published •Christmas Ideas for the Whole Family - Ideas for Gifts, Decorating, Parties and More!

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Natural Beauty Tips and Advice - Victoria Mason

Natural Beauty Tips and Advice - How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY!


Victoria Mason


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Natural Beauty Tips and Advice - How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY!

Copyright © 2013 by Victoria Mason


Chapter 1 - Attitude: Smile to Enhance Your Beauty

There’s no doubt about it; people who smile are much more attractive than people who frown. Not only are they more attractive, but also people are draw to a smiling person like bees to honey. You don’t have to be considered a beauty to be attractive to others. You just have to smile - really! Just think of all the people you know to whom others are attracted. Are they smilers or frowners?

Smiling has a very unusual effect on the body. We can actually trick ourselves into feeling lots better when we smile. This is because smiling and laughing releases painkilling endorphins that are natural painkillers, and serotonin that is necessary to our well-being. These things really do make us feel better both physically and emotionally, so as the song says; put on a happy face.

Smiling makes us appear younger. It only uses 13 muscles in the face, while frowning uses many more and makes sharp lines appear between our eyes and in our cheeks. Lines make us appear older and detract from that attractive, smooth appearance. Smiling lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system. Do you know a person who is really happy and rarely seems to get the flu or colds? Their smile actually keeps them healthy.

According to Christopher Peterson PhD, University of Michigan, scientific studies have proven that people who are optimistic (and so smile a lot) have much better health due to a more robust immune system. In older people, those who remain optimistic were 77% less likely to die from all causes than those who are pessimists.

Stress makes us look worn out and tired; that’s very aging. If we take the time to find something to smile about, it will relieve our stress and make us look and feel heaps better. So next time you are stressed put on a smile. It will help if you think of all the good things you have in your life, or all the funny things that have happened. You could even keep a book of jokes in your desk drawer to read when things get you down. Smiling stimulates brain and heart activity, so if you are having trouble working out a problem, don’t frown, smile. The answer could come to you much more easily.

Smiling can change your mood; it can even change to mood of those around you. So do something good for yourself and help others too. Smile.

Chapter 2 - Beauty and the Beast - What Common Mistakes to Avoid

No one wants to look a fright, but that may happen if you go into your beauty regime with more enthusiasm than common sense or even knowledge. One of the most common mistakes is to over pluck the eyebrows. We all long for that seductive curve that we often see on celebrities

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