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Photographing Goods for Sale

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Photographing Goods for Sale

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Selling goods online is becoming more and more popular. Having good, accurate photographs to support your advertisement is essential if you goods are to stand out from those of all the other sellers. This Cognito Guide shows how you can take better pictures yourself with a simple digital camera and with equipment from around the house. It shows how to position your goods for photographing and demonstrates that you do not need expensive and sophisticated software to maximise the impact of your pictures as well as providing download links and step-by-step instructions and guidance.

The author has been taking photographs for enjoyment since the days of the Brownie 127 but now, like most of us, is fully committed to the digital world. A Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, he takes freelance commissions for website images, portraiture and events as well as having his images published in the national media.

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