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Sewing Tutorials for Beginners: Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today!

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners: Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today!

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Sewing Tutorials for Beginners: Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today!

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Feb 2, 2013


Sewing Tutorials Book Introduces Beginners to Sewing Machine Use

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today! is a new book by Victoria Mason that explains all of the details on learning how to sew in 25 chapters.

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today! by Victoria Mason, explains all one needs to know to get started. Aimed at readers who have never sewn before, the book features 25 chapters on using a sewing machine and how to sew different materials and items.

The new book starts off by explaining what is needed to set up a sewing kit. Next, it explains the proper use of patterns and the best ways of selecting fabrics before getting started. Types of thread are then discussed. Following these segments is a chapter on notions, explaining the various items and accessories such as buttons or snaps, and threads, pins, and other small tools often used.

Readers then learn how to set up a sewing machine and then get a synopsis on how to sew in a straight line, important if one intends to learn the accuracy needed to excel. The book goes on to explain how to sew seams, make hems, and work with buttons and buttonholes. Sewing zippers is covered in an entirely separate section. Once all of these topics are covered, there is a section on simple projects for people just beginning to get the hang of sewing.

Moving on from the basics, Sewing Tutorials for Beginners then offers a resource for learning how to use measuring and sizing charts on patterns, how to make alterations, and avoiding common mistakes. Readers then get a lesson on sewing pockets, with a section on tips for sewing slipcovers following this. Another chapter provides ideas for adding an individual style to any sewing pattern, helping beginners even get a knack for expressing their creativity.

Places where sewing can be learned and job ideas are also detailed. Sections on more advanced use, such as finding the right scissors and working with difficult fabrics, are covered next, while sewing ideas for home décor provide insight to taking the lessons learned and putting them to good use. The book ends with a chapter on sewing dart, pleats, and tucks, further advancing the reader’s knowledge of a new found hobby.

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today! by Victoria Mason is available now. GRAB YOUR COPY TODAY!

Feb 2, 2013

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Victoria Mason has been a professional book writer since 1995. Since starting out she has written and had numerous books published on popular topics. The following is a list of her work: •Sewing Tutorials for Beginners – Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today! You Published •Real Estate Investing for Beginners – ‘How to Invest Wisely On Your First Property WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SHIRT! You Published •Valentine's Day Ideas - Romantic Tips for Adding That Extra Zing For That Someone Special! You Published •The Last Cigarette? - How to Stop Smoking and Quit The Habit For Good! - An Idiots Guide to Better Health and Wellness You Published •What to Expect When Pregnant - Week by Week! - A Week By Week Guide to the Ups, Downs, and Common Experiences of Pregnancy You Published •The Parenting Bible - A Guide for Overcoming Challenges and Building A Healthy & Happy Family! You Published •How to Make Him or Her Fall in Love with You! A Handbook to Winning in the Game of Dating and Relationships You Published •Gardening with Success - Quick Tips and Ideas for Having a BEAUTIFUL Garden ALL YEAR Long! You Published •Natural Beauty Tips and Advice - How to Be Beautiful on a Budget and Look Your Best EVERYDAY! You Published •All about Breast Feeding - The Absolute Beginners Guide to Breastfeeding Your Baby! You Published •The Dog Training How to Guide - Basic Facts on Dogs You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home! You Published •The Scrapbooking How to Guide - Ideas for Scrapbooking and Turning Moments into Memories! You Published •Christmas Ideas for the Whole Family - Ideas for Gifts, Decorating, Parties and More!

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Sewing Tutorials for Beginners - Victoria Mason

Sewing Tutorials for Beginners - Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today!


Victoria Mason


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Sewing Tutorials for Beginners - Learn How to Sew On a Sewing Machine Today!

Copyright © 2013 by Victoria Mason


Chapter 1 - What You Need in Your Sewing Kit

A good sewing kit will contain many basic tools. First of all you need a good sewing machine, because you won’t get much sewing done by hand. Of course you’ll want an assortment of needles for those times when you do decide to hand stitch a hem. You’ll also need some spare sewing machine needles, small brushes for cleaning the dust out of your machine and oil to oil it with. Most of these tools should come with your machine.

You may also like to have an overlocker. Although you can overlock a seam with the zigzag stitch of your normal machine, an overlocker will give a more professional finish. It will also save you time as it trims the seam automatically as it overlocks.

Scissors are a tool that is necessary for your sewing kit. You might like to have two pairs, one for cutting material and the other, smaller pair for cutting thread. A tape measure will also be needed - and some pins.

A large space for cutting out is very handy to have as part of your sewing kit. If you are going to be making clothes from bought patterns or drafting your own, you will need a good clear space to work on. For pattern making, a dressmaking square will be essential. Somewhere to stow your patterns is also necessary.

A wooden top table is best, as the material tends to slip off those smooth, laminated surfaces. Some people use their beds as a cutting out surface and this may be all right if you don’t have a bad back. But much bending over a bed will not do you any good. Use blunt ended scissors so you don’t cut your doona or quilt.

A cupboard especially for sewing patterns and material would also be handy. This way you can keep everything neat and tidy without too much trouble. If you don’t have a spare cupboard, then several plastic baskets or boxes stacked up may do as well.

You will end up with lots of spare spools of cotton after you’ve done much sewing, so keeping them in a box, tin or tub will enable you to find the color you need easily.

A sewing table and comfortable chair are also necessary for the person who does sewing. You can use an ordinary small table if you have one, or buy a special sewing desk with drawers and cupboard space attached. An adjustable chair on wheels is the easiest way to get comfortable when sewing.

And finally you may need an extra lamp. Although sewing machines do have lights attached, there will be times that you need extra, especially when sewing dark fabrics.

Chapter 2 - How to Use Your Patterns

Most patterns come with several sizes printed on them, which is very handy if you are not a stock size. You can use more than one size to suit your unique body shape. The first thing to do

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