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Sauerkraut Recipes, 12 Raw Cultured Vegetable Creations

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Sauerkraut Recipes, 12 Raw Cultured Vegetable Creations

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 110 pagine1 ora


This Sauerkraut Recipes book details everything I've learned from my over 15 years of raw cultured kraut making. You will receive 12 of my favorite recipes, plus 8 bonus recipes, including recipes for sauerkraut dressings, crackers and bread. I give tons of information, tips and techniques that I personally use to make full proof jars of delicious raw cultured veggies that are naturally fermented not heat processed.

You’ll learn how to create colorful and vivacious sauerkraut's that blend unique cultural flavors and spices. I also integrate some top superfood ingredients that make your cultured veggies even more nutritious. I introduce the process of making vibrant tasty sauerkraut's in an easy to understand manner with step by step instructions.

This book is perfect for both the newbie sauerkraut maker or those with more experience and is especially exciting for those who want to expand their cultured vegetable repertoire beyond the basic sauerkraut recipe!

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