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No Going Back

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No Going Back

Lunghezza: 289 pagine4 ore


An adventure based on real events, "No Going Back" begins with a getaway aboard a yacht
Slipping out of Vancouver Harbour under cover of darkness, Ian Townsend escapes with his son David, fleeing barely ahead of the authorities who had seized his young son and put him into care after the tragic death of his mother.
On the high seas, he is held prisoner on his yacht, Vixen, by Australian gunrunners who have taken David hostage to force Ian to sail them and their weapons to Mexico. He manages to overpower two of his captors, rescue David, then hide out on Catalina Island until the rest of the gang gives up the search for them.
Arriving in Hawaii, Ian is accused of murder when a female crew member is reported missing. No sooner had this matter been cleared up, Ian and his son have to flee again after inadvertently assisting in a robbery.
Hiding out on a rundown and abandoned mid-ocean NASA missile tracking station, Ian runs afoul of the authorities once again, this time it is the FBI. By a clever ruse and brandishing a rifle, Ian and his son outrun the sea pursuit and hide out on uninhabited Pacific islands.

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