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Cyber Bullying And Stalker Guide

Cyber Bullying And Stalker Guide

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Cyber Bullying And Stalker Guide

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Jan 16, 2013


This is the first book of its kind to offer comprehensive and easy to follow advice for adults and the parents of minors who suffer form the unwanted attention of cyber bullies and stalkers. How to identify, manage and even retaliate to protect your good name, your life and the peace of mind that is too easily destroyed by these selfish sociopaths!

Jan 16, 2013

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Cyber Bullying And Stalker Guide - Christopher Bennetts

Cyber Bullying and Stalking Guide

How To Deal With All Forms Of Online Harassment

Christopher Bennetts

Contributing Editor Perry Gamsby, D.Lit., MA(Writing), Dip. Business

2013 Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Statement

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

‘Cyber Bullying And Stalking Guide – How To Deal With All Forms Of Online Harassment’

Copyright Christopher Bennetts 2013

Published by InternetSOS,

22 Worthing Ave, Doncaster East,

Victoria 3109, AUSTRALIA

ISBN: 9781301104604

Bennetts, Christopher 1960-

All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: The author, publisher, their agents and assigns assert this work to be of an advisory nature only. Any application of the information contained within is the sole responsibility of the person reading and applying such material.


To my cyber stalker, without him I could and would never have written this book. He will of course remain nameless, as his prime motivation is to seek attention and recognition. I actually don’t think this sad and bitter pathetic old man currently living in France will ever stop harassing people until he draws his last breath. At least through my experiences I can now bring support and hope to victims of cyber stalking empowering them to fight back.

Chapter 1 - Introduction6

So where did all these cyber stalkers come from and what did they do before there was an Internet?6

Who Is This Book Written For?6

What Is The Difference Between Cyber Bullying And Cyber Stalking?7

What Can Be Done About The Problem Of Online Harassment?8

Chapter 2 - Profile of A Cyber Stalker10

Is There A Typical Cyber Stalker?10

Personal Vendetta11

Professional Cyber stalker11

Sexual Predator13


Not Always Clearly Defined13

Personality Traits And Disorders14

Chapter 3 - Avoid Being A Victim16

What Makes Someone A Target?16

Are You A Target Waiting For A Cyber Stalker To Find You?16

The First Response Is The Most Important17

Too Much Information19

Chapter 4 - Tracking Down A Cyber Stalker21

Proof Of Cyber Stalking Activities21

Breaking Through The Pain Barrier21

Information Analysis Using A Mind Map22

Identify The Source23

Are They Real Friends?25

Two Can Play At That Game25

Tracing Their Internet Address26

Hiding Their Internet Address28

Ways To Discover Their Real IP Address28

A Job For A Real Hacker29

Compromised Computer System31

Chapter 5 - Dealing With A Cyber Stalker32

Developing A Strategy32

Goals Of An Anti Cyber Stalker Strategy32

Damage Control34

Deciding On A Strategy34

Chapter 6 - Getting Malicious Material Removed38

Cyber Stalking Is Seldom A Basis For Getting Material Removed38

Size Does Matter38

Location Is Important39

Chapter 7 - Impersonation And Fake Identities43

Using Fake Accounts43

Fake Email Accounts43

Fake Social Network Accounts45

Making Impersonation Complaints46

Getting Other Fake Accounts Removed46

Chapter 8 - Defamation : Libel & Slander48

Making Complaints For Defamation48

Location Seems To Be A Major Consideration48

Communications Decency Act50

Explore Other Grounds For Removal50

Chapter 9 - Copyright Violations52

Under the Millennium52

Safe Harbor Provisions53

Google Refuses To Act55

Chapter 10 – Making Complaints60

Terms Of Service60


Personal Information61

Vulgarity / Obscenity62

Spamming / Solicitation / Cross Posting62

Adult Material / Pornography63

Inciting Hatred / Hate Speech / Discrimination64

Phishing / Malware65

Copyright Protection / Counterfeit Goods65

Chapter 11 - Taking Legal Action67

Seeking Legal Advice67

Threat Of Legal Action67

Why Take Legal Action68

Preparation for Legal Action69

Finding A Lawyer70

When Legal Action Does Not Work70

Chapter 12 – Reputation Repair71

Reputation Repair Strategies71

Protecting Personal Names Online72

Reputation Repair On Search Engine Results75

Providing Pages With Social Proof78

Reputation Repair On Social Networks79

Warning On Written Content80

DIY Or Use Professional Services80

Chapter 13 – Stalking The Stalker81

Engagement Strategies Are A Last Resort81

Victim’s Motivation For Using Engagement Strategies82

Aggressive Exposure Strategies82

The Power Of Ridicule84

Using Dirty Tricks85

Dig Up Dirt On The Cyber Stalker85

Fighting Social Wars86

Membership Area87

Victim Support Services87

A Liberating Experience88

About My Cyber Stalker89

Chapter 1 - Introduction

So where did all these cyber stalkers come from andwhat did they do before there was an Internet?

The Internet has opened up opportunities to connect to people all around the world that was not possible just a few decades ago. Social networks enable people to find others with similar interests and share information on a scale never imagined. This new found freedom has come at a price for many unsuspecting internet users as sociopaths, sexual predators and those with a range of personality disorders have also discovered this is a great medium to express their anti-social behavior and find an unlimited source of new victims.

Before the internet they had fewer opportunities to do so, being limited to those in their geographical reach or to sending letters or making harassing phone calls. This is exactly what many did but this type of stalking activity did not get much publicity. Some high profile stalking cases might have appeared in the press from time to time but most were confined to those directly involved and the public was not generally aware of the problem.

The arrival of the internet changed this. What makes the internet so attractive for many stalkers is that it has no geographical limits, they can find victims anywhere in the world. They also have an audience for their activities which provides them with the feedback so many of them crave. Most thrive on the attention they get and the affect their harassment has on the lives of their victims. The more upset they can make their victims the more enjoyable it is to them.

The internet also provides a degree of anonymity. Most cyber stalkers are also cyber-cowards, hiding behind computer screens sending out abuse to people that they would not have the courage to face in person. In real life most feel powerless and have extremely low self esteem. They are often the type of person most people would ignore socially and no one takes seriously. Many are loners with few friends, unable to maintain normal relationships. Others find submissive partners that they can control. In pretty well every measurable aspect of their lives, cyber stalkers are failures who create an online fantasy world to escape their sad, pathetic reality.

Who Is This Book Written For?

People of all ages and backgrounds can and do experience online harassment ranging from mild abuse in the form of people making or leaving derogatory comments to serious cyber stalking by those who are mentally disturbed and intent on wreaking havoc to the lives of their selected victims.

This book is written for an adult audience and covers all forms of online harassment. But while the book is written for adults it will also be an invaluable resource to parents who have a child who is a victim of online harassment.

Much of the information in this book can also be found in our member’s area and will be equally relevant to:

 A company executive that is being harassed by a competitor who is trying to destroy their online reputation.

 A person being harassed by a possessive or vindictive ex spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.

 A person that is the subject of a personal vendetta by another person that has moved their grudge online.

 Someone that has become the focus of an online sociopath intent on wreaking as much havoc in their lives as they can.

 A child or young adolescent that is being bullied online.

 Someone that has expressed an opinion or belief that another has found objectionable and is being harassed because of it

and dozens of other situations of online harassment…

What Is The Difference Between Cyber Bullying And Cyber Stalking?

There are a number of terms to describe online harassment including cyber bullying, cyber stalking and also trolling. Is there any real difference between these terms? In short the answer is NO.

The term I prefer to use to describe all persons engaged in online harassment is cyber stalking. The term cyber bully does not really describe either the type of people or harassment activities they engage in online and is strongly identified with younger people. When you search for a definition of the two you will find the primary distinction made is one of age. If adults are involved then it is termed cyber stalking. When children and young adolescents are involved then it is termed cyber bullying. Legally speaking the law also does not view them differently other than taking into account the legal age of the persons involved.

It is for this reason I believe the term cyber stalker is a much more accurate term to describe all forms of online harassment and will be the term used throughout this book. Despite this, ‘Cyber Bully’ is the most popular term found on the Internet with regard to online harassment and the community at large readily understands the term cyber bully.

The term cyber bully has connotations of the old school yard bully but the phenomenon of online harassment among young people is not just an extension of the schoolyard bully into cyber space. In fact the physical bully in the schoolyard is not your typical cyber bully. It is possible for the roles to be reversed with the person that would normally be a victim of bullying in real life becoming the aggressor online.

Getting harassed by a schoolyard bully or thug on the street is a physical encounter while harassment in cyber space is done remotely from behind a computer screen which provides a physical safety barrier between the perpetrator and the victim. Much online harassment is done anonymously which provides the perpetrator, who is often a coward in real life, with a belief that they can conduct their campaign of harassment with impunity.

Most engaging in online harassment of another would seldom be willing to harass them in person. They are like the many mild, meek individuals that climb behind the steering wheel of a car and become rude and aggressive on the

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