ProNature Fitness: Unlocking Radiant Health Through Smart Exercise

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ProNature Fitness: Unlocking Radiant Health Through Smart Exercise

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We all know exercise and movement are important for optimum health. What we don't all know however is how to go about it correctly. Just like the laws of aerodynamics govern what a plane must do to fly, so are there laws of health governing how we must move to be healthy. ProNature Fitness (PNF) is a fun, easy-to-read guide explaining the fitness aspect of these laws of health, and how to properly move to unlock amazing health. This guide is meant for people of all ages and fitness capacities. No matter what your background or current condition is, you have enormous potential within that can be realized with PNF. And in case you were wondering, no extra money or time is required. What is required is a commitment to your health, desire to improve, and willingness to use some of your effort in new, smarter ways.

Starting with the story of Maximus the caveman and how his story relates to the laws of health, the guide progresses through the do's and don'ts of exercise, and introduces a major key central to unlocking radiant health: the golden hormone. The seemingly magical benefits of this golden hormone are then listed and described, all of which are completely yours for the taking, starting today! The guide tells you exactly how you obtain them; how you must 'fly your plane' to stay in the air. Of course, correct exercise and movement alone are not the whole story, diet and lifestyle are equally important. Some basic yet powerful recommendations in these areas are provided so you may enhance your golden hormone's benefits. An optional supplementation guideline is included for those who wish to take their benefits to the max. For those of you who enjoy weightlifting and stretching, there are additional sections detailing how to go about them in a PNF-way. The guide concludes with a few practical suggestions and sample workouts to help you as you embark on a beautiful, world changing journey.

I invite you to join me in my pursuit to create a better world, full of healthier people, by living ProNature Fitness. I am as excited to help you as you are to help yourself! It gives me great satisfaction to help others become healthier. I want to see you succeed and bask in incredible life-long health. Read ProNature Fitness and email me any comments or questions you have. I look forward to helping you and hearing about your success with PNF!

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