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The ABCs of Emotional Mastery: Manage Your Moods and Create What Matters Most

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The ABCs of Emotional Mastery: Manage Your Moods and Create What Matters Most

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A Self-Coaching Manual To Help You Manage Your Moods and Create What Matters Most

Do you sometimes feel:
Down or depressed?
Stressed, uptight and anxious?
Overwhelmed by life and work?
Too tired to take care of what matters to you?
Even helpless or hopeless: that it’s all just too hard?

This is how many of my clients tell me they feel when they can't create what truly matters to them.

Often, they blame circumstances, other people, external events or other aspects of reality for their negative feelings.

But, using the skills and practices in The ABCs of Emotional Mastery, they learn that reality is not their enemy. And that you can fairly quickly improve how you feel and act by recognizing and changing how you think.

This handbook can help you learn to take control of your own thinking, manage your moods and emotions and increase your resilience, creativity and overall sense of well being.

It can help you bounce back from adversity, relax under pressure and realize that you create much of your own negative feelings and moods.

That's not bad news. It’s good news, because, by changing your thinking and the stories you tell yourself, you change your feelings and moods from negative to neutral — and even to positive.

You make it easier to cope with day-to-day challenges, upsets and setbacks — and to create the kind and quality of life, work and relationships you truly want.

This highly-praised ebook is packed with interesting stories, insights, and exercises on how to create your best life - in spite of whatever life throws at you.

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