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Finding My Father

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Finding My Father

Lunghezza: 349 pagine5 ore


What happens when the father, the pastor and radio personality you idolize, is suddenly found to be a murderer and everything you thought you knew is shaken.

Based on a true story- Kevin grew up as a Preacher's Kid. His dad pastored a dynamic church in Southern California, and he wanted to be just like him. Until, his life was ripped apart when a lady broke into their home, beat his mom with a lead pipe and shot at her several times leaving her for dead. But nothing could have prepared him for the discovery that his father was behind it all. This is where Finding My Father begins.

The story is told from three intertwined perspectives. The first is the unfolding of his childhood from the trauma and dysfunction of a fatherless child. The second unfolds from a horrific prison experience where Kevin reflects on his childhood after being detained by a hostile government, while crossing international borders on a business trip, which put him face to face with prison gangs, a riot, and terrifying captors. The third peels back a supernatural veil exposing a paranormal battle for his soul involving creatures of darkness and an unseen presence of light, his heavenly Father. Finding My Father takes the reader on a journey from the father who caused the scars, to the one who heals them.

This truly inspiring story based on the real life events of the author will shock you as it exposes the darkness of this physical world seeking all of us. From the murder attempts to an unthinkable incarceration, to the roller coaster experiences of a fatherless child, the book is hard to put down. This story is unbelievable except it really happened. The scary thing is, part of it may be happening to you too.

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