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The Stimulusworks Warehouse

The Stimulusworks Warehouse

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The Stimulusworks Warehouse

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Nov 22, 2012


From excursions into the wilderness of ideas, the author found the home of his heart, which he renovated, and now it is, “The Stimulusworks Warehouse,” which is dedicated to the primacy of noble thought.

This work is composed as a composer writes music. The rhythm of the words is accented, sentences have a melodious arrangement and phrases resonate in a harmonious text.

Enlightenment received beneath the lamps of this warehouse, is meant to illuminate the enigmas of the world outside its walls. For it is by the light of the spectrum of thought, that universality can be perceived in the spontaneous.
The depths of these insights of discernment heighten the outlook of imagination.

Following the call of advancement, leads one to open the door of this storehouse of understanding and enter into a place where awareness is attained that guides action to move in equilibrium with the fluctuations of life.

In this warehouse, knowledge is transformed into a tool. This tool helps one to engineer a machine of reason that will take its driver into undiscovered territories of awareness, beyond labyrinths of thought which hinder the forward progress of the mind and into a realm of understanding where wisdom transforms into process.

Adventurers from every walk of life can walk this repository’s terraces and walk away with treasures of thought, securely placed in the mind.
Outside the back of the warehouse, the explorer can then find the bridge, from the cliffs of dilemma to a plateau of clarification.

The most important view of this warehouse is the vista from its windows, which opens
on to a mindscape enlarged with the telescope of wisdom. Eager to explore this new panorama discovered by understanding, passion will follow closely behind creativity, until they perceive how to transform endeavor into accomplishment.

The acquirer of this warehouse will learn:
that knowledge stabilizes integrity in a world in transition;
that understanding infuses harmony into a life of modulation;
that wisdom insures happiness in an experience of uncertainty.

After exiting the warehouse, the joy acquired from its discovery will cause the yearning to return. The door is easily unlocked, for the universal key is the love of pleasure arising from ascertaining the knowledge inside the crates on the shelves, where they will remain, awaiting the touch of inquisitive fingers, that will gently but firmly open their lids...

Nov 22, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

David Michael Ramirez was born in 1956 in Denver, Co. He is the author of his first ebook, "The Stimulusworks Warehouse." He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Stanford University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan. Ramirez considers himself a natural born philosopher because he has been led by a curiosity of the world he lived in from the time he explored the fields and ponds of a suburban San Diego, CA. landscape as a youngster, to the spaces he has perceived in the realm of ideas sitting atop a rainbow of thought, as a grownup. This escape to a introspective life has neither exempted him from the struggle to persist nor from obstacles causing tingles. The significance of his writing is that he delineates principles of life using rhythmic patterns of words. Thus, his writing as an emergent phenomena comes from the desire convergence of a proclivity to structure postulates of impulse that kinetically resonates with the duty to solve the riddle of existence. Ramirez lives in Los Angeles county with two cats. His previous writing includes composing lyrics for his original contemporary songs. His current writing includes his blog: He has received first place at a science fiction convention for original artwork, and received airtime from two L.A. rock radio stations for two of his original songs on their local talent shows. His record label, 'Resonant Visions' released his first EP, "First Glimpse" in January, 2013, through Mondotunes.

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The Stimulusworks Warehouse - David Ramirez



David Michael Ramirez




David Michael Ramirez on Smashwords

The Stimulusworks Warehouse

Copyright 2012 by David Michael Ramirez

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ADAPTABILITY ...............AISLE 1.

AWARENESS ....................AISLE 2.

BEAUTY ............................AISLE 3.

BENEVOLENCE ...............AISLE 4.

CHANCE ............................AISLE 5.

CHARACTER ....................AISLE 6.

CLEVERNESS ...................AISLE 7.

COURAGE .........................AISLE 8.

CURIOSITY .......................AISLE 9.

DIPLOMACY ....................AISLE 10.

EMOTION .........................AISLE 11.

FREEDOM ........................ AISLE 12.

GRATITUDE .....................AISLE 13.

HAPPINESS ......................AISLE 14.

HOPE .................................AISLE 15.

HUMILITY ........................AISLE 16.

INDIVIDUALITY .............AISLE 17.

INGENUITY .....................AISLE 18.

INTUITION .......................AISLE 19.

JUSTICE ............................AISLE 20.

LOVE .................................AISLE 21.

LOYALTY .........................AISLE 22.

NATURE ...........................AISLE 23.

PERSEVERANCE ............AISLE 24.

PLAY .................................AISLE 25.

SOLITUDE .......................AISLE 26.


VIGOR ..............................AISLE 28.

WEALTH ..........................AISLE 29.



Adaptability follows the scent of a trend,

back to its den.

Flexibility is the theatre of persistence:

where the concert of resilience is played,

with harmonies composed of laughter.

In the taste of experience, is the flavor of versatility

and the spice of progress.

Reading the lines on the palms of the hands of time,

enables one to exit before the time of the fist.

The adaptable know that a hard rain,

still fills the well.

The freedom of life is based upon the determination of one’s acts.

The adaptable are one step ahead of the footfalls of change.

Adaptation is:

the alleyway to advancement, the avenue to development;

the channel to augmentation, the corridor to expansion;

the entrance to prowess, the opening to triumph;

the passage to elaborating, the pathway to evolving.

Adaptability is:

absorption of metamorphosis;

integration with variance;

incorporation through conversion;

inclusion of correction;

enjoyment of development;

employment of adjustment;

implementation of difference;

application of divergence;

fusion with permutation;

ingestion of transmutation;

embracement of variety;

contentment with novelty.

Adaptability is:

the malleability of ascendency;

the extensibility of virtuosity;

the resilience of determination;

the suppleness of discipline;

the pliancy of advocacy;

the versatility of proficiency;

the tractableness of guidance;

the flexibleness of dauntlessness.


maximizes the exiguous;

optimizes the tenuous;

amplifies the spark;

magnifies the sparse;

distends the truncated;

expands the separated;

advances the meager;

strengthens the fractured;

increases the least;

raises the petite;

escalates the diminutive;

elaborates the defective.


incites independence to be augmented by circumstance,

circumstance to be complemented by independence;

elicits prepotence to be enhanced by occurrence,

occurrence to be adorned by prepotence;

compels sovereignty to be amplified by eventuality,

eventuality to be magnified by sovereignty;

impels autonomy to be embellished by happening,

happening to be increased by autonomy.

Adaptability means:

extending intensity, diminishing deficiency,

optimizing potency, truncating fragility.

Adaptability means:

supporting propitious engineered variables,

sustaining pragmatic formed fluctuations,

fortifying effective fashioned transience,

hardening useful organized alterations.

The adaptable:

advance through reformulating;

evolve by recommencing;

impel through refitting;

reinforce by remodeling;

augment through reworking;

develop by redrafting;

unfold through reshaping;

extend by revamping;

stimulate through revising.

The adaptable:

evoke the acceptable;

provoke the agreeable;

prompt the appreciative;

effect the approbative;

gather the amiable;

trigger the amicable;

heighten the affirmative;

quicken the receptive;

derive the beneficial;

drive the respectful;

propel the cooperative;

impel the perceptive;

excite the mindful;

incite the knowledgeable;

motivate the enthusiastic;

actuate the sympathetic;

evoke the encouraging;

provoke the supporting;

prompt the acclamatory;

effect the complimentary;

gather the understanding;

trigger the welcoming;

heighten the conciliatory;

quicken the contributory

derive the reassuring;

drive the forthcoming;

propel the auspicious

impel the propitious;

excite the satisfying;

incite the pleasing;

motivate the benevolent;

actuate the considerate.

The adaptable:

try a surrogate if an alternative is not functioning;

try a replacement if a surrogate is not sufficing;

try a recourse if a replacement is not performing;

try a expedient if a recourse is not serving;

try a auxiliary if an expedient is not operating;

try a substitute if an auxiliary is not working.

The adaptable:

align potentiality with expansion;

proportion potency through intensification;

coordinate enhancement with genesis;

accommodate endowment through abundance;

synchronize facility by augmentation;

harmonize capability with expansion;

embrace excellence through initiation;

welcome preeminence on inception;

integrate enrichment with enlargement;

reconciliate improvement through aggrandizement.

The adaptable:

avoid snarls;

bypass tangles;

circumvent demolishment;

deflect derangement;

depart disruption;

dodge maelstrom;

elude downfall;

escape upheaval

evade turbulence;

flee tempestuousness;

obviate undoing;

shun invalidating.

The adaptable:

appreciate jeopardy;

manipulate vulnerability;

contract precariousness;

curtail susceptibleness;

subjugate endangerment;

investigate imperilment;

discern exigency;

fathom uncertainty;

evaluate frailty;

attenuate fragility;

govern confusion;

weaken mystification;

depreciate inaptness;

extenuate defectiveness;

slacken anxiety;

shrivel ambiguity;

abbreviate embarrassment;

dissipate worriment;

recognize menace;

scrutinize hindrance;

mitigate deficiency;

abate inadequacy;

resolve distress;

restructure unhappiness;

debilitate predicament;

invalidate discontent;

taper perplexity;

temper difficulty.

The adaptable:

synchronize with phenomenon;

harmonize with condition;

conjoin with evolvement;

conform with development;

blend with happenstance;

mesh with occurrence;

relate to indeterminateness;

consort with indefiniteness;

adjust to predicament;

reconcile with entanglement;

affix to opportunity;

ally with probability;

unite with occasion;

fasten onto fortune;

connect with experience;

concur with coincidence;

modify according to exigency;

follow pursuant to contingency;

revise in accordance with accident;

correlate in consonance with incident.

The adaptable:

adjust to the abominable;

anticipate the adverse;

forestall the calamitous;

brace for the damaging;

thwart the dangerous;

preclude the deadly

shake off the deleterious;

deflect the detrimental;

equip owing to the dire;

avert the disagreeable;

frustrate the disastrous;

fortify counter to the discouraging;

parry the distressing;

plan in contemplation of the dreadful;

reject the foreboding;

provide in opposition to the gloomy;

ready for the harmful;

strengthen for the harsh;

obviate the hurtful;

train in spite of the injurious;

acclimate for the intense;

alter in view of the malevolent;

modify counter to the malignant;

resist in opposition to the noxious;

shelter against painful;

watch in view of the pernicious;

rebuke the ruinous;

protect against the sinister;

activate in spite of the terrible;

bolster in light of the threatening;

stave off the unfavorable;

spurn the unpleasant;

avoid the unruly;

consolidate in consideration of the venomous;

guard against the vicious;

ward off the vindictive;

defend against the woeful.

The flexible:

resolve into symmetry;

incorporate into configuration;

blend into form;

alter into structure;

convert into arrangement.

The adaptable are:

aligned, where there is rectilinearity;

arched, where there is concavity;

inclined, where there is angularity.

The adaptable know:

reality is the stepping stone to the promising;

actuality is the means to the encouraging;

concreteness is the medium to the ardent;

substance is the instrument to the exuberant;

phenomenon is the way to the hopeful;

sensation is the mode to the effectual;

corporeality is the mechanism to the advantageous;

tangibility is the approach to the fortuitous;

essence is the implement to the incisive;

existence is the entrance to the anticipative;

conviction is the technique to the serendipitous;

perception is the access to the felicitous.

The adaptable know:

exigency generates expansion;

insecurity precipitates variation;

capriousness provokes metamorphosis;

precariousness evokes progress;

instability produces progression;

indispensability introduces evolution;

slipperiness engenders advance;

menace delivers resourcefulness;

jeopardy generates alteration;

quandary precipitates modification;

endangerment provokes development;

predicament evokes improvement;

contingency produces diversification;

necessity introduces accommodation;

inexorableness engenders operativeness;

distress delivers contrivance;

mutability generates correction;

uncertainty precipitates conversion;

unhappiness provokes inventiveness;

unsteadiness evokes furtherance;

volatility produces transmutation;

vulnerability introduces transformation;

requirement engenders enlargement;

accident delivers advancement.

When the adaptable experience life:

throwing a punch, they learn boxing;

giving faulty brakes, they train in sliding;

in the incessant rain, they grow a garden;

making fate a weapon, they turn knowledge into a tool;

in a snowstorm, they find skis;

turning possessions to junk, they open a junkyard;

growing weeds, they learn which ones are edible;

making the pragmatic obsolete, they embrace the exotic;

putting up a road block, they find an forgotten trailhead;

becoming an endless night, they learn to build a fire;

altering schedules, they turn a cancellation into a destination;

in a somersault, they turn the unexpected into the welcome;

becoming absurd, they find a new potentiality.

The reciprocal:

of contention is expansion;

of obduracy is bounty;

of defiance is deliverance;

of opposition is inception;

of disaster is favor;

of contrariety is opportunity;

of mischance is sustenance;

of inconsistency is advocacy.

The scrutinization of envisaged modes of modifications

corresponding to imagined shades of variation,

activates the revelation of the visualization

of the propagation of advancement with resoluteness

by the correlation of inventiveness with fortuitousness

developed through arranged advantageousness embedded in the incongruousness of randomness.

Adaptation’s orientation,

is constancy’s direction.

Duration propitiates perturbation.

Volatility delineates the contours of periodicity.

Novelty revolves around constancy.

Effort’s rotations,

stabilize affirmation.

Mood shades exploit;

vehemence empowers experience;

temperament delineates accomplishment;

tenor elucidates maneuver.

When originality is learned, then impeccability is performed.

The emanation of tenacity, releases the flow of ingenuity.

Action’s axiom is experienced

through thought’s postulate.

When archetypes of thought alter,

the variance in reflection, inverts projection.

Thus, analyzing leads to mobilizing

and synthesizing leads to realizing.

If a premise can be envisaged,

then a conclusion can be envisioned.

The discovered utility of the abruptness of insight unfolds

when adaptation constructs an advantage hidden within an obstacle.

The tools of perception and realization enable penetration

of strata of significant incidents,

opening a pathway to the core of propitiousness.

The expanding dimensions of an idea, unfolds the mind.

Adversity constructs the character that deconstructs itself.

Struggle grows strength, out of battle boldness is made,

adversity breeds ingenuity, the great rise by felling fate.

Adventure awaits in the shadow of danger.

Assimilating pain, ends its reign.

When malleability advances prosperity,

proficiency dodges inescapableness.

Flexibility sustains utility.

Gains do not remain unless adaptability does.

The weight of speculation can submerge a sanctuary of expectation.

Submerged doubt and fear can rise from the deep and drown intent.

Man is still vulnerable when he becomes indomitable.

Dusk knows dawn awaits,

that its darkness will intensify then dissipate.

When rain falls, imagination flies above the clouds

where the sun is forever shining.

The arms of the storm cannot grasp,

those who have climbed above its reach.

Secured by expectation,

life’s summit is attained through conviction.

The adaptable anticipate the arrival of the flight of the future

through positioning, then with precision,

grab the wings of opportunity as it passes.

When drops of hope becomes a stream

its waves flow out from the shores of a dream,

where a wish sails guided by belief,

and is propelled by indomitability.

When the fabric of a paradigm does not fit;

the uniform is discarded for a costume;

which becomes a guise;

which becomes a ensemble;

which becomes a outfit;

which becomes a wardrobe;

which becomes the fashion.

The man with illumination on his mind, sees only brightness;

the man with darkness on his mind, sees only dimness;

the man with the polished on his mind, sees only the luminous;

the man with equivocalness on his mind, sees only haziness;

the man with the dazzling on his mind, sees only shimmering;

the man with ambiguity on his mind, sees only nebulosity;

the man with gleaming on his mind, sees only glowing;

the man with cloudiness on his mind, sees only inscrutability;

the man with the lucent on his mind, sees only the resplendent;

the man with vagueness on his mind, sees only denseness;

the man with the vibrant on his mind, sees only the radiant;

the man with heaviness on his mind, sees only blackness;

the man with sparkling on his mind, sees only the lucent;

the man with despondency on his mind, sees only obscurity;

the man with scintillating on his mind, sees only the vivid;

the man with uncertainty on his mind, sees only tenebrosity;

the man who has dispelled the extraneous from his mind,

perceives enlightenment.

Multiplication under compression, intensifies within diminution;

strengthening during coalescence, heightens amid subsidence;

inflating within contraction, exaggerates upon constriction;

augmenting below abridgement, extends beneath curtailment.

Readiness elicited, quickens;

ingenuity fathomed, expands;

virility experienced, excites;

dexterity substantiated, sharpens;

inspiration ascertained, potentializes;

technique evolved, exerts;

potency harvested, restores;

resourcefulness accrued, enables.

And reveals a door, outside of either, or.

Not yet is an embryonic yes.

Knowing why teaches how to rise,

then what cannot be denied.

When to think becomes to do,

to do becomes to be,

to be becomes what is,

what is becomes what will be.

Adaptability’s utility,

is discovering the multiplicity of functionality.

Concavity’s functions are as a:

depository, sanctuary;

reservoir, receiver;

receptacle, crucible;

cauldron, spoon;

pocket, basket;

shelter, container;

vessel, channel;

boat, vault;

urn, spoon;

pail, bowl.

When adversity twists, the adaptable are sparked;

where difficulty spins, the adaptable quicken;

when ordeal undulates, the adaptable elevate;

where trouble meanders, the adaptable conquer;

when torment swivels, the adaptable encircle;

where affront squirms, the adaptable blossom;

when calamity wriggles, the adaptable spiral;

where perplexity rambles, the adaptable are impelled.

The edge, inspires the dream of flight;

the downfall, is the beginning of the way back up;

a barrier, is completed by a ladder;

a bulwark, is the precursor to a bridge;

an impasse, indicates the direction of a detour;

an obstacle, forms the foundation of stepping stones;

an obstruction, is a primordial improvisation;

an impediment, supplies the materials for an implement.

The inclination of interest is impelling;

the tendency of ascendancy is advancing;

the propensity of progress is forward;

the orientation of achievement is onward;

the proclivity of prosperity is improvable;

the guidance of attainment is amendable;

the aptness of triumph is transitional;

the alignment of favor is correctable.

The enduring affix to the surprising;

the lasting annex onto the leading;

the permanent affiliate with the distinct;

the adamant integrate with the unique;

the unyielding agree with the pioneering;

the unwavering accede to the enterprising;

the perennial combine with the modern;

the continual join with the unknown;

the inexorable amalgamate onto the exceptional;

the durable connect with the notable;

the relentless append onto the advanced;

the tenacious blend with the forward;

the obdurate accommodate with the paramount;

the deliberate correlate with the preeminent;

the sturdy modify to the visionary;

the peremptory comply with the contemporary;

the determined change into the improved;

the intrepid merge into the renewed;

the decisive harmonize with the progressive;

the cohesive synthesize with the innovative;

the purposeful adjust to the radical;

the forceful adapt to the phenomenal;

the momentous cooperate with the anomalous;

the pertinacious coordinate with the wondrous.

Difficulty evokes ability, quandary provokes efficacy;

arduousness sparks resourcefulness, encumbrance incites prowess;

impediment generates endowment, predicament precipitates evolvement;

complication motivates augmentation, obstruction invigorates progression;

perplexity induces potentiality, exigency produces dexterity;

hindrance engenders finesse, nuisance triggers competence;

discontent compels enlargement, torment instills development;

dissatisfaction opens imagination, misfortune enlivens inspiration.

Adjacent to the obliquity, is where possibility abides;

juxtaposed against the extremity, is where conceivability resides;

coupled to the divergence, is where hypothesis dwells;

converging with the deviation, is where adventure lodges;

synergistic with the threshold, is where opportunity persists;

advancing on the transposition, is where expectation exists.

Presence alters existence,

resourcefulness unfetters unambiguousness;

innateness inverts prevalence,

inherence converts influence;

intrinsicality modifies certainty,

propensity diversifies extrinsicality;

affinity assimilates epiphany,

proficiency stimulates applicability;

disposition actuates manifestation,

introspection fluctuates exteriorization;

adoration disturbs stabilization,

fascination forwards exposition;

acquirement metamorphosizes divulgement,

enchantment displaces establishment;

endowment modulates evincement,

temperament extricates unfoldment.

Observation’s perception imagines adjustment’s enrichment;

scrutiny’s grasp designs adaptation’s advancement;

compliance with circumstance compels the advance of adjustability;

acquiescence to coincidence kindles the furtherance of flexibility;

concordance with accident evokes the development of resilience;

concurrence with incident provokes the enrichment of versatileness;

ascertainment awakening organizes arrangement’s embellishment;

experience’s embrace actualizes modification’s improvement;

deference to abruptness induces the elevation of malleability;

observance of precipitousness produces the promotion of utility.

In the vibrancy of adaptability:

learning becomes discerning;

discerning becomes evolving;

evolving becomes solving;

solving becomes encountering;

encountering becomes discovering;

discovering becomes appreciating;

appreciating becomes scintillating;

scintillating becomes devising;

devising becomes deriving;

deriving becomes inquiring;

inquiring becomes acquiring;

acquiring becomes elaborating;

elaborating becomes initiating;

initiating becomes dreaming;

dreaming becomes believing;

believing becomes learning.



Awareness enables the mind to ascend, to see the curvilinear pathways

that one walks, and can determine if these passages are circular.

Once one descends back to the paths of experience,

authenticity enables one to find the trail of the spiral, the route of truth,

that is not orbicular,

but ever expanding.

Awareness is the confluence of modes of thinking culminating at the focal point of the space-time continuum called now.

Thought is the primal particle,

consciousness, the cosmic spectacle.

Perception is active conception;

awareness is kinetic consciousness.

The nature of emotional knowledge is experiential.

At the point of equilibrium of delight,

is the portal to progression of spirit.

The elixir of enjoyment,

is the spirit’s ointment.

For those who seek nuggets of experience, they:

mine them;

define them;

refine them;

recombine them.

The spirit of an idea,

is known in its physicality.

The aware:

augment the pleasure from sensation,

with the exultation from contemplation.

For those who are aware they:

urge change,

and merge with the strange.

Only the awakened can reclaim the treasure hidden in the dream;

only the aware can discover the truth disguised by how things seem.


exhibits insight in the presence of the mystifying;

imparts intellect during the nearness of the puzzling;

discloses coherence through the contiguity of the aberrant;

exposes inference with the immediacy of the salient;

promulgates intuition with the viewpoint of the baffling;

demonstrates perception from the standpoint of the bewildering;

reveals acuity in the adjacency of the atypical;

unveils ingenuity in the propinquity of the remarkable;

exhibits logic in the presence of the exotic;

imparts discernment during the nearness of the fantastic;

discloses shrewdness through the contiguity of the alluring;

exposes percipience with the immediacy of the enchanting;

promulgates acumen with the viewpoint of the unusual;

demonstrates comprehension from the standpoint of the phenomenal;

reveals practicality in the adjacency of the fascinating;

unveils sagacity in the propinquity of the captivating.

To embellish awareness is to:

appreciate variance, venerate metamorphosis;

acknowledge anomaly, encourage dissimilarity;

understand aberration, comprehend deviation;

savor divergence, honor dissemblance;

accept diversity, digest variety;

cherish modification, relish alteration;

embrace antithesis, nourish contrariness;

fathom particularity, entertain incongruity;

foster permutation, shelter inversion;

cultivate transference, assimilate nuance;

treasure irregularity, admire asymmetry;

prefer fluctuation, desire transformation.

Experience penetrates to the core of discernment.

The concentration of awareness, manipulates existence.

In the underlying truth of awareness, is the beauty of reality.

Awareness unveils the symmetry in complexity.

Expansion cracks molds;

multiplication fragments patterns;

development divides designs;

unfolding splinters templates.

The expansion of the awareness,

extends experience.

Thus, a lesson learned,

is reconciliation earned;

knowledge obtained from an error.

is consequence’s cure.

Knowledge conquers fear,

experience balances desire.

Awareness brings into equilibrium,

the exigency of desire,

and the indispensability of need.

Will energizes consciousness to create reality, action recreates it.

Resonance determines presence,

mentality focuses reality.

The mind is applied, when its dissipation is denied:

spirit is untied, when its beguilement is defied.

The reality of a will’s creation,

resonates with its paradigm’s vibration.

Progress is success, in the spiraling of the succession of progression.

The alignment of truth and awareness

comes from focusing the power of internality,

rather than absorbing energy from externalization.

Differential expressions do not exist in inherent opposition;

they do reveal their intensity’s exposition.

Consciousness comingled with wisdom does not require another’s conformity,

but desires liberty;

does not desire the satisfaction of expectation to be accomplished by others,

but requires independence of spontaneity

to achieve the fusion of simultaneous awareness from happiness and elaborating evolvement.

Self-enjoyment multiplies through the iteration of contentment.

The evolution of the individual from the group,

is as inevitable as the phasing of light into a spectrum of color.

The domination of the group, is conformity’s opinion,

cooperation exists at the vanishing point of domination and submission.

Progression slides,

between where polarities collide.

On the bridge between the polarities of:

condition and intuition;

circumstance and awareness;

predicament and enlightenment;

their coalescence ascends,

as the substantiality of their intensity amplifies.

When the spirit takes a physical journey, creation is the mode of transport on the passage of experience. The significance of experience is to discover it, fathom it, evolve through it.

When the spirit of an incarnation,

forgets the framework of its identity,

then the matrix of the illusion of separation,

becomes the texture of its density.

Physicality does not precede perceptibility,

however perceptibility exceeds physicality.

After the spirit’s physical actuality,

comes the fascination of curiosity.

When physicality wanes,

awareness remains.

Memories of experience stay

after corporeity decays.

When the calibrations of experience move into higher quadrants,

materiality is measured by an alternate meridian.

The coalescing of experience,

is the antecedent to another divergence.

Life does not cease,

but resolves into transcendence.

Animation’s flash

defines the shadow of its death.

I will face the inevitable with courage not regret,

for the ascension of resonance not the discontinuity of novelty

is the meaning of death.

The flower of the spirit blossoms

in the field between external experience and internal congruence,

then its seeds spiral into a welcoming sky.


that needs the earth, abhors the avalanche;

that desires water, fears the flood;

that longs for the sun, dies beneath its concentrated radiance.

The wind and rain cannot halt the mountain’s resolve to move upward.

Its intention can only be altered when the spirit of the earth wills the

transformation of the mountain into a volcano.

Experience is conserved,

for the purpose of experience is the actualization of itself.

Reality is designed by expectancy.

Uniform thoughts that fit inside a sphere,

cannot contain protean ideas mutating the sphere into a cell.

The shadow of consciousness,

is in the radiance of substance.

The form of consciousness,

has the contours of pain and pleasure;

has the shape of temporal comprehension;

is the composition of life.

What ease deflates,

challenge dilates.

Time is frequency’s permutation;

space is density’s fluctuation:

as fascination magnifies,

temporality intensifies;

as awareness ascends,

expanses extend.

When the integration of absence is assimilated,

and the overflowing of fullness is assuaged,

then meaning is touched by feeling, not thinking.

When the pain of isolation,

becomes the pleasure of conviction,

then loneliness transmutes into awareness.

When the frequency of the cycle of oscillation of elaboration

intensifies so that the curve’s periodicity compresses

into a vertical line,

then the focus of awareness transitions

from the tangible to the transcendental.

What is anticipated, is detected;

what is assumed, is allowed;

what is believed, is admitted;

what is determined, is detected;

what is envisaged, is engaged;

what is imaged, is explored;

what is imagined, is abided;

what is presume, is observed;

what is projected, is encountered;

what is regarded, is found;

what is supposed, is discovered;

what is surmised, is disclosed;

what is thought, is experienced;

what is visualized, is confronted.

When the spirit of knowledge decides the way:

striving evolves into daring;

longing emerges as cunning;

pursuit transforms into profit;

effort will eventually be craft;

struggle ripens into flair;

endeavor comes to be power;

attempt evolves into knack;

experiment emerges as talent;

labor transforms into vigor;

encounter will eventually be valor;

conflict ripens into attainment;

exertion comes to be conviction;

trial evolves into potential;

travail emerges as skill.

In the activation of change:

modification summons fascination;

variation petitions attraction;

divergency urges piquancy;

discrepancy implores desirability;

disparateness evokes enticement;

variance invokes enchantment.

Imagining becomes anticipating

believing becomes creating;

creating becomes learning;

learning becomes arising

arising becomes flourishing

flourishing becomes resolving;

resolving becomes deciding;

deciding is evolving.

Beyond understanding, intuition flourishes;

beneath perception, knowledge perishes;

with enlightenment, substance expands;

without discernment, ingenuity decays;

from experience, awareness intensifies;

against acceptance, truth stagnates;

in grasping, analysis strengthens;

outside comprehension, assimilation vanishes;

inside insight, interpretation enhances;

for enjoyment, advancement develops.

Perception’s result is manifestation;

comprehension’s effect is exhibition;

discernment’s development is phenomenon;

enlightenment’s settlement is demonstration;

awareness’ emanation is revelation;

intuitiveness’ production is materialization.

In its inception,

the desire of awareness seeks the potentiality acquired from stability.

It pursues:

the enlargement of substantiality into enhancement;

the unfolding of adherence into flowering;

the augmentation of cohesion into distension;

the unraveling of constancy into widening.

It quests:

to affix immensity with spontaneity;

to conjoin domain with animation;

to correlate amplitude with vitality;

to span expanse with force.

It seeks:

a substratum for stamina and a rampart for stillness;

a bedrock for potency and an abutment for tranquility;

a vertebrae for fortitude and sustenance for repose;

an infrastructure for durability and a cornerstone for placidity.

It scouts:

for space for the interacting of its vivacity;

for territory for the branching of its liveliness;.

for vastness for the spanning of its functioning;

for terrain for the networking of its briskness.

In its equilibrium:

unity is consolidated, preservation is coordinated;

harmony is intensified, security is focused;

consistency is focalized, protection is aligned;

affinity is concentrated, surety is gathered.

In its freshness,

the aspiration of awareness invites the pleasure of sensation.

It pursues:

the artistry of impetuosity;

the ingenuity of frenzy;

the inventiveness of earnestness;

the resourcefulness of zealousness.

It delves into:

openings for the flow of imagination;

apertures for the continuity of conception;

fissures for the stream of supposition;

portals for the emanation of inspiration.

It enjoys:

distinction within gratification;

discernment within delight;

exquisiteness within extravagance;

refinement within enjoyment.

It desires:

communion with permutation;

acquaintance with metamorphosis;

intimacy with variety;

inwardness with variance.

It seeks:

the scintillation of prolificacy;

the fire of fertility;

the incandescence of fecundity;

luminosity of potency.

In its harmony:

independence is awakened, passion is released;

rampancy is excited, fervor is extricated;

profligacy is aroused, devotion is unleashed;

unrestraint is enlivened, ardor is liberated.

In its advancement,

the predilection of awareness anneals the backbone of will.

It craves:

the spontaneity of singularity;

the improvisation of disposition;

the impulse of uniqueness;

the inspiration of particularity.

It chooses:

the autonomy of integrity;

the sovereignty of constancy;

the endowment from commitment;

the liberty of delight.

It craves:

to initiate the momentum of mind;

to trigger the stimulus of acumen;

to launch the propulsion of intention;

to commence the impetus of percipience.

It seeks:

to mold the annulling into the assenting;

to mutate the unfavorable into the agreeable;

to transfigure the contravening into the endorsing;

to carve the resistive into the affirmative.

It wishes:

to imbue intensity into endeavoring;

to instill ardency into functioning;

to impart impetuosity into undertaking;

to infuse vivacity into proceeding.

In its balance:

engagement is activated, discernment is manifested;

assurance is unfurled, reliance is unveiled;

obligation is initiated, resolution is stimulated;

committal is displayed, mettle is revealed.

In its ascension,

the focus of awareness intensifies the devotion of passion.

It longs for:

the soothing of cherishing;

the assuagement of sentiment;

the softening of tenderness;

the solace of amorousness.

It requests:

the empowerment of achievement;

the sanction of expectation;

the consent of fortune;

the approbation of aspiration.

It aspires for:

the compatibility between generosity and propensity;

the harmony between fondness and fortitude;

the concord between magnanimity and imperturbability;

the unanimity between forbearance and patience.

It wants:

the contentment emanating from judgment;

the gratification emerging from expectation;

the fulfillment initiating from discernment;

the satisfaction radiating from perception.

It strives for:

the integration of the tangible and the incorporeal;

the synthesis of the embodied and the refined;

the assimilation of the palpable and the transcendental;

the alliance of the manifest and the magnificent.

In its symmetry:

compassion is harmonized, inclination is revised;

involvement is attuned, commitment is enhanced;

consideration is proportioned, disposition is elevated;

empathy is synthesized, sensitivity is advanced.

In its development,

the aspiration of awareness seeks expansion through exposition.

It aims for:

the assertion of artistry;

the declaration of imaginativeness;

the articulation of ingenuity;

the dissemination of resourcefulness.

It is eager to experience:

the vibration of the inflection of intention;

the impulse of the elucidation of inclination;

the pulsation of the intonation of ambition;

the resonance of the enunciation of passion.

It craves:

the release of impression flavored with ardor;

the emancipation of perception imbued with excitement;

the deliverance of interpretation infused with fervor;

the liberation of conviction spiced with sentiment.

It yearns for:

palpability for authenticity from propensity and lucidity;

unveiling for surmise from temperament and enlightenment;

spontaneity for analysis from fondness and cognizance;

expanse for postulation from inclination and imagination.

It seeks:

the adventurousness to assert the penetration of abstraction;

the intrepidity to convey the clarity of perceptivity;

the prowess to pronounce the sapience of viewpoint;

the audacity to signify the insight of outlook.

In its equipoise:

the decisive is articulated, propensity is enabled;

the corroborative is evinced, fascination is confirmed;

the substantive is designated, proclivity is advocated;

the affirmative is denoted, admiration is validated.

In its furtherance,

the pursuit of awareness enters into the perception of insight.

It desires:

to correlate the afterwards in the precedent;

to connect the extraneous in the intrinsic;

to cohere the further in the contiguous;

to conjoin the progressing in the foregoing.

It resolves:

to metamorphose image into entity;

to mold imagination into phenomenon;

to alter envisioning into palpability;

to mutate appearance into presence.

It enjoys:

the introspection of circumspection;

the glimpse of enlightenment;

the perspective of foresight;

the panorama of perception.

It seeks:

signification through ardent predilection;

essence through spontaneous inference;

desideratum through poignant clarification;

nuance through enkindled cognizance.

It looks for:

the brightening of information to unveil acumen;

the illuminating of circumstance to reveal cognizance;

the kindling of context to enlighten perception;

the highlighting of acquaintance to evince sapience.

It selects:

to intertwine fortitude with aptitude;

to fuse pursuance with brilliance;

to couple assiduity with luminosity;

to solidify diligence with intelligence.

In its stasis:

preference is envisioned, discernment is surveyed;

autonomy is grasped, farsightedness is envisaged;

resilience is visualized, enlightenment is materialized;

sovereignty is embraced, intuition is externalized.

In its culmination,

the fascination of awareness melds with the nebulous.

It yearns:

to submerge expansion with delving;

to converge unfolding with awakening;

to coalesce extension with surging;

to merge releasing with surmounting.

It longs:

to evolve from the telluric to the empyrean;

to emerge from the carnal to the ethereal;

to advance from the mundane to the sublime;

to develop from the prosaic to the exquisite.

It aims:

to embody perceptivity with ecstasy;

to amalgamate assimilation with satisfaction;

to commingle astuteness with gladness;

to unite decipherment with contentment.

It directs:

the impetus from turbulence to transcendence;

the progression from gyration to transformation;

the stimulus from volatility to ascendency;

the advancement from circumvolution to evolution.

It is a witness:

to the superseding of significance over appearance;

to the surmounting of quintessence over semblance;

to the subduing of impetus over issuance;

to the usurping of response over ambience.

It searches for:

the entrance to a sparkling synthesis;

the passage to a scintillating

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