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Decodelink: BOOK FOUR... Tri-Dimensional Energy Anti-matter & Parallel Planes

Decodelink: BOOK FOUR... Tri-Dimensional Energy Anti-matter & Parallel Planes

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Decodelink: BOOK FOUR... Tri-Dimensional Energy Anti-matter & Parallel Planes

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Nov 13, 2012


In book four of four in the Decodelink series, you learn about energy in all its forms and how it can be used to affect change in your life. True change. You also learn more about parallel planes and how they work in our lives, about boundaries of matter and of everything in our inner and external universes, and how to use existential reflection in time and space to create a new beginning.

You will learn that everything that exists, including the Inner Universe and the Natural Universe, is three-dimensional, possessing length, width, and height. The Inner Universe and Natural Universe are formed by particles that we commonly call atoms. Atoms have particular characteristics and can be subdivided into subatomic particles. Theoretically, they can be subdivided again and again, limited only by our system of mathematics.

Nov 13, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

A long-time practitioner of meditation, Daveed Guillermo began to realize the power behind meditation and how far away from its roots it had wandered. More than six years ago Guillermo set out to change this and bring meditation back to center and to the people with his Decodelink series, which will soon be available in print wherever books are sold. These books ultimately go with a certification course and franchise opportunity for yoga instructors who want to teach the Decodelink way of meditation that is being well received across the United States and South America. Endorsed by key figures in the yoga and meditation community, this program takes us into the new age of peace and enlightenment. Born in South American, Guillermo has experienced a wonderful and diverse life, including a long and joyous career as a business owner, investor, banking insider, retail professional and entrepreneur. He now resides in San Antonio, Texas, where he spends his days teaching the Decodelink method of meditation and writing. He also spends down time at Starbucks, because he adores his coffee. For years Daveed Guillermo has investigated and explored the existential philosophy and psychology in each of us as he searched for an answer to the great questions in life. He discovered that there is a relation we all have within time and space that is with us from the moment we conceived until our final breath. Guillermo discovered that there is a hole in our lives that we all search to fill. That is why we seek understanding. From our ancestors all we inherited codes. These codes attach to us back through generations, from one generation to next and without exception the codes are fixed in our temperament, character and personality. The codes affect all we think about and believe. The codes affect our behavior toward ourselves, our family and our friends, and our perceptions of the world. Guillermo set out to help us understand these codes and our relation to each other in time and space. You will find in book one the explanation of these codes and the way they weigh in our lives. Guillermo argues that there is not one unique infinite Universe, but instead there are two Universes: An Inner Universe and the Natural Universe. Our Inner Universe is a smaller unique and finite Universe that lives within finite and colossal Natural Universe, the world in which we all live. With Decodelink as a concept and Progressive Self Reflection as a tool you will find your past and future in the present , says Guillermo. Decodelink can be best defined as a work of contemporary Psychology and Philosophy that we must learn to apply every day to help us all to train our mind, body and spirit to allow us to discover true peace of mind within, to balance our emotional and intellectual life, and to help us connect to one another. We use the new Philosophy and Psychology control our lives through a massive amount and constantly accelerating information that comes at us every day and from all directions. In regard to time and space, it is here to unify us and all that exists around us between two parallel planes of “time/space” and “energy.” Guillermo explores our subconscious, conscious mind and the world around us, helping us understand each and how they work together to create a true sense of peace within our soul. "There is not a concept of philosophy that explains fully our lives if we avoid talking about our souls," says Guillermo. In Book two the author immerses us in the new concept and dives into the abyss on the mystery of our soul to find an answer... and he has one. Since the first line you will be thrilled to learn the secrets he has discovered. According to Guillermo, it is time for open conversation. When you read the chapter "déjà vu" Guillermo asks you how is it that you are so sure that time and space exists around you and that you live in the “reality” or “the present”? He says that what we call "present" is really in the "past." He explains fully this theory and shares his insights with us all.

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Decodelink - Daveed Guillermo


Time and Space™

Tri-Dimensional Energy Anti-matter & Parallel Planes


Daveed Guillermo

Reviewed and edited by: Paulina de La Mora

Book Four

Smashwords Edition


Daveed Guillermo


Copyright © 2012 by Daveed Guillermo

Smashwords Edition License Notes:

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return to and purchase your own copy.

Thank you for respecting the author's work.


From my fundamental nature and position:

I dedicate this philosophic proposition reflection to the extension of my time and space, and to my daughter Paulina who has been with me before she existed. She is with me today and will be with me when I move to my next plane.

Paulina with her enlightening not only just reviewed and edited the following material but added her own sensibility, intelligence and spirit. Forever. Thank you.

Starbucks… my time and space

I want thank all the baristas, girls and boys of Starbucks, who,

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