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The Story: Of the Greatest Person that Ever Lived

The Story: Of the Greatest Person that Ever Lived

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The Story: Of the Greatest Person that Ever Lived

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Nov 9, 2012


Kindergarten is in session and the name-less protagonist is assigned to begin a private journal as a class project. After the school year is over, out of habit, the journal entries continue until years later when the main character begins to seriously question why they had continued to write long after the assignment had ended.
Was it ever a real decision or were they just mindlessly following what they were to do all these year? Why do we even have this need to follow and seek guidance from a higher authority anyway?
Who better to answer these questions than the person living the life in question. It's time to stop believing things out of habit and for the sake of belief itself and time to start seeking the uncomfortable but honest answers about the reality of life.
Throughout the next 5 years, the character encounters great personal difficulties reflected in a voice from their dreams as they begin to believe their entire life has been a fiction. They begin a personal journey to try and answer the biggest questions about birth, life, death, choice, relationships, responsibility, and ultimately the meaning of life and its relationship to both everyone and the nature of reality itself.

“Join me, all who want to walk with me on this cosmic movement as we explore, before our end, the richness and variety of every form of life, forms of living, the capacity for human experience and understanding, the beauty of personal creation and learning, and of hopes, dreams, and of existence’s grand possibilities.

Join me as you do what you love and I live as I love and we are able to build from this present before us, something that is equally insignificant to all others as it is distinctly glorious and beautiful to us, the creators of a meaningful life.“

Nov 9, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Working to finish my first Novel and participating in NaNoWriMo this year.

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The Story - Mars Malo


September 6, 1993

This is my frist kindergarten diary. Today I went to play bike ridng and hide and sek and it was lots of fun. No one got hort thes time.

Chapter 2

August 30, 1994

In my first day as a 1st grader we met my teacher misses stringfiller. I think shes going to be mean but I hope not. But now Im at home and eatn a box of fruit loop cerel I took from brekfast cause a new kid did’nt want to eat his. I rember when I was new and befor I had been to school my mom left me ther and I had cry. The moms of the other kids tuched my hair even if I pulld away and said they wanted curls like min and they would’nt stop starin. I thaht my mom was goin to give me away to them.

I wont do my homework today becuse I dont have no home wooork!

Chapter 3

January 11, 1996

Today I learned that the most pretty girl in my class gets money and presents for good grades. She showed me some of the new markers her dad bought her because of her straight A’s. I’ve seen them at the store before but my parents wouldn’t get them because they cost too much. They’re the new kind that smell like different flavers and she also got the ones that you can write secret mesages with and change colors when you use the clear magic wand marker. I get really good grades too but bad conduct so I think that’s why I’m not allowed to get money or presents from my family.

Chapter 4

December 22, 1996

I know Santa isn’t real but the kid I just meet at church studies thought he was and started screming at me when I kept on telling him he wasn’t except for maybe there was a guy who his story comes from in the past. He almost fought me but I stayed away on the wall and didn’t try to seem tough aganst him like I do at school cause even though he’s not bigger than me he has a bigger group then me. I always thought everybody just played around on chrismas time because it’s fun to imagine how if he was real what that could be like but some kids really do think he is real. I know he’s just a story and that my mom and dad get me those presents and put them under the tree. But I never get any good presents. I even cried a little and scremed last year when I had opened all my presents and I didn’t get one toy only all cloths. My brother gets the best presents just because he’s the youngest brother and even more then we get because his godparents come to visit every year since he was first born and give him presents and a card with money on chrismas. It makes me want to beat him up and take them from him but not cause I don’t like him any. It’s just a feeling I get and sometimes I do hit him but I also feel bad that I never can stop fighting. My older cousin says that’s just the way it is with family. And he says the youngest gets treated better until parents have another younger one. And that it’s also better to act good around granparents and unts and uncles, cause for some reason he doesn’t know he says they also treat granchilds and nieces and nephews better than there own children too. He says my mom and dad always give him cool toys and money on birthdays and all he has to do is when he sees them shake there hand and tell them how they are so they can talk and feel like giving him stuff. This chrismas when we open presents I won’t cry like last year. I learned my lesson. I already know I’m not the favorite with none of my family and so when I grow up I can get all my stuff that I want myself and not share with no one because they never got me what I wanted.

Chapter 5

April 4, 1997

My friends during lunch at the zoo field trip today laughed at me and said I was dumb because I only ate my sandwich with letuce and mayonaise. My mom always made it like that for me but they said I forgot the other meat stuff. At least the teacher didn’t laugh at me and said it looked delicous and maybe I was a vegetarran. My other friend said it means I only eat vegtables and it made my teacher happy so I didn’t tell him that I also eat hotdogs at home when I’m really hungry after I play outside.

At home after we climbed the fence to pick the berry things from the tree in the back yard and throwing them at each other my parents sent us inside cause the dog was barking too much. I think he wanted to go with us inside. We sat by the window and saw the dog trying to run in the air and then wining and breathing heavy. I don’t know why they didn’t cut the rope if my dad was out there with him watching. My mom said we could get a new one but if they can’t be inside with us where its safe to be I don’t want another.

Chapter 6

March 5, 1998

Today was crap. The gym teacher made me go to the principal’s office cause I got caught shocking a 3rd grader with my camera taser I made. It was just a joke and the kid didn’t even have tears when he cried! I tried it myself and it doesn’t hurt that much. I just get in trouble all the time and not everyone else because I don’t ever tell on others.

Next, the principal said he wasn’t going to suspend me this time since I wasn’t fighting and didn’t hurt anyone real bad but then he did suspend me because when I told him what had happened I called the kid a stupid bitch ass for telling on me. I think now I’m gonna start making up my own cuss words so they won’t know what I’m saying.

Finally, at home my mom said she talked with one of the teachers from school who told her about another kind of school they send kids who can’t behave. She said she would send me there if I couldn’t stop fighting and getting in trouble all the time.

Chapter 7

May 19, 1999

I should kick his ass. We could have been millionaires. I can draw almost as good as him but everyone knows he draws better than even the new art teacher we have. He told Jesse that he’s been picked to make comic strips for the newspaper during the summer. And get paid for it! Jesse didn’t even say anything like always but I told the new teacher for him that he just sometimes gets scared of strangers.

If he could get paid we wouldn’t have to cut grass and ask for money anymore but he just keeps shaking his head when I ask him why he doesn’t want to. He wouldn’t even have to do much. All he has to do is draw whatever they told him to and they would write the comics and do all the other hard work. We could buy new scooters like the neighbor kids, and lots of new games, and better yo-yos that sleep on their own, so we could do more tricks. He’s supposed to be like my best friend but he didn’t want to just do it so we could have the money and have fun buying stuff. I got mad and told him that I might not be his friend anymore and then he would have no friends if he didn’t do it. It isn’t even real work. He just has to draw and I know he really likes drawing. It would be so easy for him. Like my cousin who works at the pizza joint. He loves pizza and now he’s making money making pizza he can eat whenever he wants. He brings me some sometimes and I don’t even like him! I won’t really stop being his friend cause then he wouldn’t have no one that could make the other kids stop making fun of him every time he mumbles when he tries to talk but I think he’s still stupid if he doesn’t do it. I won’t even get to see him this year when we’re not in school anymore cause he said he’d rather spend the summer with his grampa camping and fishing. You can’t make money doing stuff like that. If they asked me I would have been like, Hell yeah and do I get free lunch too? Man, he should do it. All our dreams would come true.

Chapter 8

May 24, 2000

A student in my class died yesterday. We found out this morning when we were in our first period class. A few of the students were crying or really, really quiet. Some of us, including me, noticed he wasn’t in class but didn’t think too much of it or relate it to those who were crying.

Our teacher made an announcement that he collapsed out on the field yesterday afternoon during soccer practice.

I didn’t know him very well. I didn’t cry. I just thought about how I knew him.

He played with us, out on the same field we were just told he died on. We were usually on the same team and although he was never known for his skills, he was a funny dude who would make us laugh. In fact, my first thought when hearing about him dying was, That bastard! We never even traded those fucking holographic Pokémon cards he wanted!

He was someone who didn’t feel the need to fight for attention and who was okay with quiet moments instead of always talking about rumors or what everyone else was doing. I think that’s why we got along even though we never called each other best friends or even friends. Even if we didn’t speak to one another every day, he was always friendly to me and smiled whenever he would catch me doing something stupid instead of insulting me like others. We were just classmates and teammates and even if we would often lose while playing soccer, he did make our team better and he definitely made my days in class brighter.

And that’s how I’ll always remember him.

Chapter 9

September 18, 2000

I don’t know why but people keep thinking of me as more than I think I really am. My homeroom teacher told me to stay with her when the bell rang. I thought I was in trouble but then she said if I wanted, I could go get lunch and come back and eat in the classroom and play board games or use the computer. I just nodded my head then when she wasn’t looking anymore after I turned the corner at the doorway, I ran to the cafeteria to get in line. I’m lucky Brandon was still in line and hadn’t gotten his tray because he let me cut. He let me cut, then I let him cut so he stays in the same spot and gets lunch first. That’s Chinese Cut, which is a little something I invented back when I was in the 3rd grade.

When I got my tray, I told my friends I was going to eat in class today and on the way there, I saw another one of my friends who I’ve known for years. We don’t have the same classes anymore. He said he was probably going to move away and go to another school so he just wanted to tell me that he always looked up to me because I never gave into peer pressure or got into doing drugs like others. I wanted to say something back but didn’t know what. I just don’t think about doing things I don’t understand so it’s not really hard for me not to do what everyone else is doing, and I don’t think people who try drugs are bad people so he shouldn’t feel bad for that. He said he had to go, patted me on the back, and then took off fast. I think he was running from one of the school monitors again and probably going to skip.

When I was back in the classroom and took my seat, the teacher got up and then sat next to me. Now I thought I was really in trouble but she just asked me if I was the oldest. I nodded my head and she said she could tell because of how quiet I am. She says she’s had kids in her class before who were the same way. That we come from a culture where the older brother is respected and everyone else follows as an example. I didn’t tell her that I wasn’t that good of a kid and that I stay quiet in class so that I don’t get in trouble or get into fights like I used to when I was in elementary school. I think I’m still the same way I was, only now I can hide it.

I didn’t want to behave different in front of her, so I took out my folder to do some homework instead of playing with everyone else. That way, I would have more time at home to play outside before it got dark. When the bell rang again, I started to put up my things and she saw in my backpack a book that I've carried with me since I was in the 1st grade at my first school. It’s a book my teacher there made for me and all the other kids. We gave her a picture of us and she used our first and last names and she had the books made so we were the main character in the story. It’s our own adventure story where we fly and ride dinosaurs and are in other cool situations. She asked if she could borrow it for the weekend because she liked the idea and wanted to see if she could do the same for our class. I handed it to her and left as the bell rang to end lunch.

Chapter 10

March 20, 2004

This is starting to be the best year ever. We setup the volleyball net again today at around 4:30 and invited friends and relatives over to play. People always pick me at the beginning when we’re choosing teams because they know I’m one of the best. I think I might be the best but we’ve all never really competed one-on-one against each other. My team wins almost every time, unless we get stuck with a bunch of my little cousins but even then I make up for it and kickass. If I could see better in the dark, they would have no chance when the sun would start to set.

After volleyball, most everyone left or went out to eat. I’m okay with just some chips and snacks that we have inside but since my brothers and friends all stayed, we were all able put our money together and order some pizza. We played all our new N64 games, that we bought at the flea market, while we waited for the pizza to arrive. I was kicking so much ass but then we stopped for a while to eat. We could have laughed and played longer if my parents didn’t start yelling and complaining yet again about having people over. We decided to stop when we finished the last game we were on. It’d be so much better if someday, I could go on playing for as long as we wanted. Maybe when they’re away on vacation, we’ll stay behind and play long hours without interruption.

Chapter 11

April 14, 2006

Saw someone I hadn’t seen since middle school today. I didn’t realize it was him at first.

I was walking home from the bus stop, when he threw his head back as he spotted me walking along and said, ’Sup kid. Just to be friendly, I replied back saying the same, ’Sup.

Then I heard in his voice a familiar but much more masculine sound as he spoke my name and said, "Long time, little see. Where you been at? Still making them grades and headed to Yale and shit I bet. Ready to take over the world like it ain’t no thang huh."

It was all in the way he would always say huh. The rest of his way of speaking was new, but that phrase and the way that he said it was still with him. I knew who this was. Holy shit and what the fuck is up; it’s so good to see you!, is what rushed through my mind but I only spoke the first part.

We talked, joked, laughed, and recalled memories for a while. He said it was good seeing me and then asked if others that we went to school with were still around, "You still talk

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