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Down Home Southern Cooking 2

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Down Home Southern Cooking 2

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As with part one, the recipes in this second book has come down through both of our families, some reaching back several generations. Some of the recipes are healthy type dishes, this is purely accidental, and the motivations for most of them were taste, cost, or available ingredients.
Many of these heirloom recipes have now been converted to Real Measurement: teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups instead of pinches, dashes, and handfuls. A portion of these recipes were first cooked over fire pits, fire places and on wood stoves, these now have burner and oven temperature settings for you convenience as well.
The chapters in this book are a continuation of the chapters in the first volume, not the same chapters with different recipes in them. This makes it a true second volume, as if it were one book split into two halves.
As I told you in part one, none of these recipes are etched in stone; I want all of you aspiring Southern cooks to feel free to change or modify them to suit your own individual tastes or needs. That's what Southern cooking is all about, putting a meal on the table that you and your family will love to eat. These recipes are great jumping off points, once you gain experience using them, you should be able to start creating your own.

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