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Still Looking Up

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Still Looking Up

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Mr Fred Gordon, a man who was born into a two-parent family, decided early in life, that the streets accepted him more than his father. His father was a disciplinarian, very rough so to get away from that he found comfort in the streets.

He began dating at an early age, selling drugs, and hanging out with many friends. Fred honestly shares the intimate details of his life; all of which he has accepted as part of his life without
condemning the man for committing such foolish acts.

His life took a tragic turn. A car accident stole the use of his body that left him to live as a quadriplegic. It didn't stop Fred from living. He did what he had to do to make it. Fred gave his life to Christ just before he turned 30, even
though he made some changes, life circumstances and hardships caused him to depend more on himself than God.

Still living reckless even after his accident, he finally realized how blessed he was. So he decided to get back on a path that leads to righteousness and not destruction. Trying to live out the purpose he believes God has for him, to get there he's still looking up.

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