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A Living Testimony: Run To The Light, Run Like The Wind

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Jonje had been gifted by God to run fast. But little did he know that his ability was going be tested and used by a loving God to accomplish His goals and purposes. Along with his wife Sarah, Jonje would find that through the testing they would become a living testimony to those around them. Caught in the schemes of his tribe, and an unscrupulous banker, they would have to turn to God just to survive.

From the book:

Anna stirred in Jonje’s arms as he raced down to the riverbed. He smoothed her long black hair on Anna’s forehead and noticed she had slipped into unconsciousness again. He tried to run without shaking her unduly, but lost too much momentum in doing so. He knew he needed to run as fast as he could, to quickly get to the hospital as the bandages Uncle Silas had applied were already red with blood. Jonje was concerned about the amount of time it would take to get her help.

He knew he ran against time, and he intended to win. “Help me Lord, help me get to the hospital in time!” His prayer cried out. He knew he couldn't make it in time in the natural.

Jonje suddenly felt a near presence, all at once direct, familiar and comforting. “Do you trust me Jonje?” The query was more felt than heard. “Yes Lord,” Jonje responded, tears suddenly running down his face. He knew this presence, it was God and he hadn’t felt Him this near in a very long time. His heart welled up with an exquisite joy that washed over him and brought a deep peace. “Then run to the light Jonje, run like the wind.” Just then, like a curtain being drawn back and out of view, he saw the lake in the distance, as the rising sun burst forth from behind him, reflecting golden shafts of light off the still, sparkling waters.

Then came a quiet whisper deep within his soul, more than a remembrance, and yet absolutely clear, that sounded just like his mother’s voice, “run for God Jonje, run like the wind!” “Yes Mama,” came his automatic reply, the tears flowing from his eyes. There was a renewed sense of purpose and strength, in his heart and his soul. It had been a long time since he had run like this, but his mind was keenly centered on God, and the purpose at hand. He would not fail.

Jonje didn't just hope that, he knew it.

Then something happened that hadn’t happened in over twenty years, Jonje’s focus became so filled with the light reflecting off the lake, and his connection to God so strong, that everything else quietly disappeared around him. He ran in a place neither of earth, yet not quite heaven. In this place every sound, every thought, every concern, everything, except the light, and that vibrant completeness in releasing yourself to God, was set aside as unnecessary.

Outwardly things changed as well. Jonje’s breathing became deep and rhythmic, his pace became smooth and even, what his mother use to say when she saw it, was like watching someone running with the wings of angels. Jonje was oblivious to the changes, his focus was completely on the light and God. His speed had increased so much so that, if anyone were watching, they would not believe he, or anyone else for that matter, could run that fast. Nor would they believe that he could reach his goal, considering the distance he had to run to reach the hospital.

But God could! So Jonje kept running as fast he could, and then even faster.

Rocks and other obstructions were easily avoided, his gate never once faltering, his strength never giving out, as Anna lay sleeping comfortably in his arms. She was not jarred even once, as Jonje’s gait lengthen and his pace again picked up. While his breathing grew deeper, smoother and deeper yet again, in perfect time with his running. God was in control, as Jonje submerged himself in His presence and light. Distance and time had no meaning in the place where God took Him. He totally and completely belonged only to God.

And Jonje ran....

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