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Rebel Rebellion

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Rebel Rebellion

Lunghezza: 134 pagine2 ore


A 19th century true historical account of the life and times of a young man born and raised in the rural mountains of western North Carolina. It tells of his youthful family relations, his struggles with adolescence, his first love and his growth into manhood.

It's based on a combination of documented facts and family accounts from the young man's early years. It illustrates his documented Civil War experiences from the time of his enlistment and training in the Confederate Army Infantry to his survival in battle and imprisonment in one of the Union Army's toughest and most notorious prisoner of war camps.

The main character of the story is the author's great-great Grandfather and his Civil War experiences are based on the documented history of the 16th North Carolina Confederate Infantry Regiment. While there are some fictional characters and events depicted in the story, most of them are of actual people and events associated with the main character prior to, during and after the war.

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