Sane Parents Guide: Feeding and Nutrition

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Sane Parents Guide: Feeding and Nutrition

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For a long time, feeding has been a pretty simple proposition. You get hungry, you eat, generally around three times a day. You try to stick with the healthy stuff, but you don’t obsess about it. When you worry about weight, it’s always about losing it. Gaining weight is not the problem.

That all changes when the baby comes around.

Suddenly feeding can become an anxiety-filled process, full of complex choices, timetables, and unfamiliar ingredients, all with the objective of reasonable but steady weight gain.

How can you manage all this without going nuts?

We have a few suggestions, based mostly on common sense and experience, with a little advice from doctors and nutritionists thrown in for balance.

We will cover feeding in six sections:
Pre-Natal Prep
Feeding Newborns
Baby Food
Toddler Food
Nutritional Trends and Theories

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