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Two Tales From Hemsford Home

Two Tales From Hemsford Home

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Two Tales From Hemsford Home

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Aug 16, 2012


Hemsford Home is a quiet place in Granite Alley, Arizona where the clinically insane who have no living relatives usually end up. It is placed, ever so strategically, behind a genetic research facility called Genetrix. Most of the rooms in Hemsford Home are able to be seen by visitors. Not all of the rooms are above-ground, though. This is a story about two of Hemsford Home's "other" patients.

Aug 16, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Originally from eastern Tennessee, Jason Reynolds is an indie writer and professor with a Liberal Studies degree from the University of Central Florida where he was an instructor in both the English and Philosophy departments. He also taught mythology and creative writing courses at Full Sail University in Orlando. He and his wife Jennifer then moved to western North Carolina where he taught Gothic Literature and Cultural Diversity at South College Asheville. They are currently living in the Chicagoland area where Jason is teaching philosophy and humanities at Moraine Valley Community College. His main literary influences are Mary Shelley, Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Lovecraft, Faulkner, O'Connor, Orwell, Vonnegut, and Philip K. Dick. His stories blend historical, horror, fantasy, and science fiction into speculative narratives that explore both contemporary and timeless philosophical themes. His fiction has appeared in ResAliens Magazine, The Horror Zine, A Feast of Frights, Big Pulp, and The Midnight Diner.

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Two Tales From Hemsford Home - Jason Reynolds

Tales From Hemsford Home

Jason Reynolds

Copyright 2012 Jason Reynolds

Smashwords Edition

Tales From Hemsford Home Part I: Carolyn

Carolyn was having the most difficult day of her secretarial career. She was trying with all of her might to control herself from yelling at every man that dared to look at her, undressing her with those beady little eyes at every turn she made. Since she was three, Carolyn somehow knew what people were thinking. And, as the years progressed, so did her talent. Talent. Yeah, it must be a talent to listen in on these disgusting thoughts. To Carolyn, these thoughts were better left inside the heads of their owners. The mail boy, of all people, that sweet little boy who kept a little note in his back pocket to give her when he could finally gain enough courage to go through with the task; even he was overrun with perverse fantasies. Carolyn was nearly repulsed to the point of violence at his thoughts. Did he actually think she could twist her body in that position without permanent damage to her spine? The only reason she remained quiet through all of this, was the simple fact that these thoughts did belong to their rightful owners, and she really had no business of knowing them. However, it was not her choice to know what went on in other’s minds, it was her curse. There was no possible way to rid herself of her gift. Right this instant, Carolyn just wanted to be rid of this building and the male occupants as soon as possible. Maybe things were rough because it was Spring. If she could get through this season, maybe she could stay on for a while longer. Hopefully, this would be the worst of it and afterward, they would think of more pleasant things to occupy their minds.

Some time during this mental assault, Patty had wandered over from Mr. Klerk’s office.

Hi Patty!

Hi Carolyn. Could you see that Mr. Wrenchette gets these orders right away please? They were really supposed to be in to him yesterday, but Mr. Klerk misplaced them and now he’s trying to blame me. I swear, he’s such a grotesque little ogre. The way he flirts and pinches and slaps when everything’s going fine, and then, all of a sudden, when he does something wrong, he takes all of his stress out on me. You wouldn’t believe the extra work he gave me. It’s going to take over my entire weekend. It’s just not fair. That ugly little toad is going to find himself in a greasy little sewer if he keeps treating his people like this! But, anyway, it would really help a lot if you could talk Mr. Wrenchette into sending these orders through A.S.A.P. I know it’s asking a lot, but I’d do the same for you.

I’ll get these to him right away, Patty, and you owe me one if this works.

Maybe I’ll take you shopping for more tasteful clothes. I swear, you might as well not wear anything at all, the way you dress yourself.

Carolyn couldn’t believe her only friend in this office was thinking these thoughts about her. What?

I didn’t say anything.

Oh. Oh no, I’m sorry, I must have heard something outside. It was a weak excuse, but she was still too surprised by the deceitful thoughts of her friend to come up with a better one.

Yeah, must have. Look I gotta go. Call me over the weekend. Maybe we’ll go to the mall or something, ‘kay?

Yeah, sure Patty. Have a good day. Carolyn found it difficult not to glare at Patty as she walked away. She did, however, begin to smile after a few of the men in the hallway started watching the shaking and wiggling of Patty’s backside. The way they were looking at Patty, maybe she was the one who was better off not wearing any clothes at all. The men would just strip her of them in their minds anyway.

Carolyn went to Mr. Wrenchette’s door and knocked lightly so as to not disturb any important phone calls he may have. He apparently was not in such a conversation because he quickly answered the knock. Come in.

His voice sounded calm enough. Maybe she would be lucky enough to push the order through. "Mr. Wrenchette, Mr. Klerk needs

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