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Reality Exercises to Develop the Inner Man

Reality Exercises to Develop the Inner Man

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Reality Exercises to Develop the Inner Man

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Jul 10, 2012


This book has impacted thousands in its paperback version. Some cowboys in Wyoming carry this book in their shirt pockets. Housewives in Texas keep a spare one in their purse to give away. Businessmen keep one on their desk. Moms use it to help their children establish their identity. Prison ministries carry it into prisons to give away.

Simple and powerful and life changing! Available now in digital form.

Identity! It is the base of every decision and influences your destiny. We are told to be transformed from our old identity to our new identity in Christ. A caterpillar and a butterfly are dramatically different yet the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly. The butterfly was there even before anyone could see the evidence of it.

Likewise, your new identity in Christ is in you. Your natural identity and your spirit identity are like the caterpillar and the butterfly. One is limited to crawl and the other is free to fly.

As you read the first person scripture confessions in this book, your inner new creation identity will emerge and become established. This book is like a pocket mirror that reflects your new creation image. When you are crawling along in your old identity, these scripture confessions will cause you to soar as the person God made you to be in Christ.

Jul 10, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Janice Seney is a speaker, author, and artist. Janice has been involved in teaching, training, and equipping people to hear the voice of God and to grow to maturity in Christ since 1985. She has the reputation for presenting insight in a powerful simple and basic style. She has been introduced with such phrases as, "Janice puts the cookies on the lowest shelf so everyone can reach them." or "Janice takes complicated truths that we should not be able to understand and presents them in a way that we can all understand." Janice is responsible for a series of training classes and DVD’s that focus on identity, making choices, understanding alignment with the basic design of the human being, exchanging bad thinking for truth, understanding emotions so that they do not rule. She also has developed classes and training designed to equip each individual to recognize their spiritual, supernatural dimension and how God speaks today. Classes include; dreams, angels, visions, pictures, words, impressions and the practical application of these teachings in a person’s daily life. Janice can lead you to the cliff edge of your destiny, cause you to lean over and take a look while she pushes you off and laughs with delight as you discover that for which you were created. Janice is in relationship and accountability with a group of people and leaders who are committed to living out their beliefs in society.

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Reality Exercises to Develop the Inner Man - Janice Seney



The material in this small booklet was compiled at a desperate time in my life. I was a born again, spirit filled Christian but my outward person was a disaster. I was a failure as a wife, a mother, a Christian, and a human being.

At that point I began to search the Bible for my identity in Christ. I wrote scriptures into the first person and began to speak them. Because of this process of speaking what God says about me, I encountered a miracle in my kitchen one day that totally changed my life.

I know the power of the Word of God in this little booklet. My identity became firmly established on a solid foundation of what God says about me.

There is a dramatic difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly. One is limited to crawling along and the other is free to fly, yet the butterfly emerged from the caterpillar.

Your natural person and your inner person are dramatically different. Reality Exercises for Your Inner Man is designed to bring your inner man to the surface.

May God surprise you with His Greatness and Kindness toward you in Christ.

Janice Seney

A Realist

By: Janice Seney

I am not a dreamer

More of a realist.

Facing those things that are

Even though to others

They do not appear.

The reality of God's Word that

Will never pass away,

Is much surer and stronger than

Anything I can touch or others say.

So a realist I am

Walking - Living - Moving

And having my being in Him.

Exercises to Develop the Inner Man

Natural exercising begins with simple basic movements. The same is true of spiritual exercises. The weight lifter does not lift heavy weights until he has mastered the lighter ones. If he will not lift the lighter, he will never lift the heavy.  So it is with our spirit man.

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