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Blue Sky, White Cloud

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Blue Sky, White Cloud

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the immanent model of dharma training is well known for its epithet of being a 'practice of no practice'. the paradoxical nature of this form of training found traditionally in china, japan and tibet is one that so easily defeats the western mind as this generally will only accept something that fits its logical conditioning.

in this new book western dharma teacher aloka david smith, who has nearly 40 years of traditional dharma training experience, teaches this often misunderstood training model to the sangha of western practitioners of his dharmamind buddhist group. this teaching is delivered through a series of talks given on retreat, where he offers from his considerable experience how it is possible to become comfortable with this paradox and put it into everyday practise, both on the meditation cushion and off it. with dedication and commitment this training he proclaims will bear fruit and bring a level of contentment that offers spacious mental and emotional freedom from suffering, and the environment for profound life-changing spiritual insight.

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