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C'est La Vie

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C'est La Vie

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Behind closed doors, all may not be as it seems. With the Arc de Triomphe and the avenues radiating from it in a circle as leit motif for the choices made in life, we look into the lives of fourteen women and two men as they are used, abused and undermined by words, deeds and circumstances.
Some suffer emotionally or physically under the will of others, some face tragedy. Some survive and emerge stronger but for others the struggle is simply too much and they succumb.
There are those who believe it is their right to impose their will on others. Choices are made and the consequences have to be faced. What is hidden and what remains unspoken cannot be healed.
Veronique says: “If we had only had a view like this of the life before us, what different choices would we have made?”

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