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The Android Photographer

The Android Photographer

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The Android Photographer

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Jun 29, 2012


Most Android phones now has a camera that competes with most digital cameras; not only is it a phone, but it's now a serious contender in the world of photography. Professional photographers are using it everywhere! But the camera can also be one of the most overwhelming features.

There are hundreds and hundreds of photo apps! How do you know which one will work best for you? This book looks at 30 photo apps you need, and shows you how to use them correctly.

Taking a picture on a phone is easy; taking a professional picture on a phone takes some skill, and this book will teach you that—-with the snarky voice that GadChick is known for, of course.

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Jun 29, 2012

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The Android Photographer - BookCaps



With a number of manufacturers now producing smart phones and devices using the Android operating systems the camera can be a deciding factor on which device that you choose. Although the camera and stock camera app will vary from device to device the opportunity to upgrade and experiment with different camera apps is always there. This guide is here to help you get the best from your Android devices built in camera and to help you build on it using the various effects and opportunities that you can find as part of the many camera apps in the Android Marketplace.

From panorama and HDR apps to vintage and toy camera inspired effects as well as social networking photography apps to rival Instagram, we have determined the best android camera apps for you and your photography needs.

Tips for Shooting a Better Photo

Most Android cameras have at least a 5 mega pixel camera and come with features such as a flash, zoom, manual settings and even in built effects to choose from before taking the photo. Some devices also have two cameras – one rear camera and another to face the user which usually has a lower resolution and less manual options.

To use the camera app on your Android device simply find the camera app, either as a shortcut on your home screen or the All Apps menu or through the unlocking process on some devices that have the latest Android update. The camera app with automatically default to the camera but you can choose to swap to the video camera as well if you want.

Using the inbuilt camera app.

Again, this camera and how it looks will vary from device to device depending on which version of Android you have running, however the features and setting will be similar and it is through these that you can learn to take better photos in various situations.

Personally I like to use the stock camera to take the majority of my photos as it is quick and easy to use in most situations with great results and then use another app to edit the images afterwards.

Tip #1: Learn and get to know your cameras settings.

The Android stock camera features a flash with 3 settings, it also has scene options, white balancing, ISO settings and many auto features like auto exposure, auto focusing and face detection. Experimenting with these in different surroundings and lighting conditions will help you know which settings to use in any situation.

Tip 2#: Take advantage of the Autofocus

To use the Autofocus all you need to do is tap the screen to focus on the area that you want. You can also tap and hold on your subject to take a photo

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