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Captain Snatchit's Parrot

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Captain Snatchit's Parrot

Lunghezza: 54 pagine24 minuti


Three short chapter books in one volume tell the story of Neptune, the pirate's parrot, who sails the high seas with Captain Snatchit and his crew. Then the pirate ship, the Seaslug, sinks and he flies away to find a new home.

In "The Pirate's Parrot", Neptune discovers a green island. It's a parrots' paradise until Captain Snatchit lands there too. When the pirates start chopping down trees, the parrots decide to get rid of them. But how? Neptune holds the key...

In "Captain Snatchit's Revenge", the Captain finds out he was tricked. He vows to catch that pesky parrot Neptune!

In "The Wreck of the Seaslug", Captain Snatchit salvages his old ship and sets up his pirate base on Parrot Island. This is going to need the parrots' most ingenious plan yet...

With thrills, spills, laughs and plenty of bad pirate language, these stories are ideal for reading aloud, or for more confident readers to enjoy on their own.

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