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For decades he preached to many...and his life seemed an open book. Often he taught on salvation and sin, but...does he harbor secrets ~sins of his own?

She seemed the picture of perfection, the preacher’s wife. Yet it was often said, she wasn’t the perfect mate. Was something amiss?

Younger, she grew up in the pastor’s house. This is her story. To all, Topaz appeared the talented, dutiful daughter...but was she not?

The family desperately wanted him, the son of promise. However, they didn’t want him this way...did they?

Forget everything you think you know about the preacher, and his family. While immersed in Rebuke and the sleepy town of Tranquility become privy to the inner sanctum, their most private thoughts, lives and demons. Then open not only your eyes, but your heart as well.

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