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The Town That Haunted Hemingway: The Slip and Fall of Young Ernie's Spirituality : The Gradual Corruption of America's Literary Genius

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To ask around town, one will get dozens of conflicting impressions of him. Old timers will state that the guy was quite the boozing rounder. Others might react negatively to stuff he wrote about their relatives especially those from Horton Bay; however, the very persons he made into steamy characters always understood and never where upset. They were mature enough to give the guy poetic license with what he wrote.

Then there are folks who only read Old Man and the Sea because it was required reading in High School Literature class. Any original thinking beyond Cliff's Notes they gathered from The Tabloids which glamorized his macho life style just to sell copy. Tabloids still have not changed in that regard, but it is my hope that after reading this you can form your own intelligent decisions and be spurred on to want to read his other works now that you know with what he had to deal.

I want to see a revival of his genius.

I want Petoskey to awaken to honor Hemingway in a proper fashion.

I want readers to reach again for one of his many prize winning novels and really begin to understand his timeless messages.

It is my desire that the reading of The Town That Haunted Hemingway will do just that.
This small volume will also reveal that EH's fist love was not writing novels, but was poetry.

However, Hem's most pleasurable personal stress escape valve of course was fishing and hunting both terrific stress relievers. We know he never missed a trout season right up to the end.
I suggest the reading of this short volume as a Hemingway Primer. Let it serve to unravel some of the Hemingway mystery and mystique that has lurked between the lines for so many years.
Few analysts take a close look at Hem's second novella. As a bonus to you dear reader I include an in-depth look at what F. Scott Fitzgerald considered a masterpiece even though it took a swipe at his style along with numerous other authors of that ilk.

Dear reader, I especially wanted you to gain a deeper insight into Hemingway's summer home of Petoskey and the way principalities, which hover above cities, influence us all. Where you spent your youth or where you live now, will have deep impact upon you all of your life due to the influence of over-hanging Principalities.

It is my intention that these factors and a proper understanding of Petoskey might serve as an eye -opener toward a more enjoyable snuggle with Ernest's prize-winning body of literary work.

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