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29 Secrets to Buy Real Estate Without Banks!

29 Secrets to Buy Real Estate Without Banks!

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29 Secrets to Buy Real Estate Without Banks!

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Apr 29, 2012


This 19 page Special Report is a simple, down to earth, explanation of well-guarded, proven, buying secrets from an expert investor who has purchased hundreds of properties. Never has he gone to a bank to buy any of them. Simple, practical, methods you can use on any kind of real estate. Plus two free gifts. You get his amazing “Follow Up System” and his marketing machine how to drive motivated sellers to you 24-7.
Discover the 29 secrets you can turn on right now allowing you to never again go to a bank and beg for their permission to allow you to buy an investment property. Mike Butler’s buying strategies have been used for almost 20 years and they get results.
One very powerful, yet often overlooked key component, when used properly, actually gets your sellers super motivated to work for you! When you see your sellers begin to come up with ideas to help you, you will know you have successfully mastered this one powerful secret.
Mike Butler averaged buying over 2 properties per week and repeated this for several years. All while working his full-time job as an undercover police detective. Mike was forced to be efficient if wanted to pursue true financial freedom for his family because his job required a lot of overtime, court time, working contract killings, murder for hire, and organized crime, in addition to being a husband and Dad to his two daughters.
One of Mike’s unique skills was the ability to get people, including bad guys and gals, to spill the beans and share all of kinds of information with Mike, even if it caused them to go to prison. Mike Butler was the “go to detective” to get results with interviewing folks. Mike used this very same system and has applied to his real estate buying machine and shares this with you in this Special Report.
Your 29 secrets to buy real estate without banks can be used on any kind of real estate. These 29 secrets can be used to buy single family houses, apartments, commercial property of all kinds, and even land.
You will also learn how to begin generating chunks of cash and income while starting out with no cash. Mike began his investing career with less than $1,000 in his savings account at the Police Officers Credit Union.
Mike reveals all 29 secrets in this Special Report. You will find many of them are amazingly simple. They are right under your nose, yet are very seldom used by real estate professionals around the world.
Many of Mike’s secrets can used in any real estate market all over the planet. They are not limited to the U.S.A.
Once you get your hands on this Special Report, you will discover all of the 29 secrets. Within minutes of reading your report, you will be able to begin implementing many of the secrets immediately.
Imagine what your life will be like, having the confidence and knowledge to make offers sellers can not refuse along with never having to go to a bank again to buy real estate.
All of your 29 secrets have a laser beam focus to save your precious and valuable time. Odds are, your weekly schedule and activities between work and family does not leave much quality time for you to pursue investing in real estate. You probably feel lucky if you could find two to five hours per week to devote to your real estate investing dreams.
This Special Report is your new beginning to an effective buying machine without cash and without banks.
The bottom is this. If you feel trapped, smothered, overwhelmed with responsibilities, and are internally busting at the seams to get all of the secrets, safely, legally, and fast for true financial freedom for you and your family, this is your first step to jump start your real estate investing machine right now.
Mike Butler is featured in Money Magazine’s “Can Real Estate Make You Rich?” and is featured on The Wall Street Journal Radio Network. Mike Butler is an author, national speaker and training, coach and mentor to many millionaires and future millionaires.

Apr 29, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Mike Butler began his real estate investing career while working his full time job as an undercover police detective in Louisville, Ky. Mike Butler began buying fixer uppers and renting them to make extra money vs. working “off duty” moon light jobs like many of his fellow police officers. Mike discovered very quickly how powerful investing in real estate could be for his family and exploded his real estate business by buying an average of 2.5 rental properties every week while working his full time job! Mike did this for several years over and over! Mike Butler knew he must have a brain dead simple system for his booming business and developed his amazingly simple Investor Books Pro SystemTM with Tenant Tracking and Loan Customer Tracking (the only complete system for investors using QuickBooks Pro®) to deliver true financial freedom for his family. His unique and proven system allowed Mike to safely catapult wealth for his family by investing in real estate. In fact, he owned and operated over 75 properties while working his full time job! Finally he made a huge decision to hire a “part time” office person to work 5 hours per week in his office in his basement. Mike Butler has never gone to a bank to buy an investment property nor has he used a private lender or hard money lender. Mike started investing with less than a thousand bucks! Now Mike Butler works when he wants to – as a Dad, a newly married hubby again, an investor, speaker, author, coach and trainer. Mike’s investing success has been featured in Money magazine, The Wall Street Journal Radio network and numerous radio shows. He has authored the book “Landlording on Autopilot,” #1 Best Seller Business Books on Amazon. His book has become the “go-to-training-manual” reference for thousands of landlords and property managers around the world. Mike Butler enjoys training millionaires and future millionaires and is a featured speaker and trainer at real estate seminars all across America. Be sure to visit his website at for live investor training events, home study courses, coaching programs and more resources for real estate professionals. Mike Butler is a two term past president of KREIA and board member for almost a dozen years, a charter member of the local chapter of NARPM, KREE member, served three years on the board of the National Real Estate Investors Association, and is a supporter of The Home of Innocents, a great organization to help disadvantaged abused and neglected children.

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29 Secrets to Buy Real Estate Without Banks! - Mike Butler


29 Secrets to Buy Real Estate without Banks!

By: Mike Butler

Published by Mike Butler at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Mike Butler

Discover other titles by Mike Butler at

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

29 Secrets to Buy Without Banks!

Let’s jump right into the meat and potatoes, as this is why you have your hands on this special report. To gather more information about me, you will find a short article about the author immediately following your special report.

1. Cash: Do not laugh and give up, but this is the easiest and simplest of the 29 secrets to buy without banks, and odds are, if you have plenty of cash, you would not be reading this article. Therefore, because you are reading this now, it is OK to assume you are primarily interested in how to buy without banks and without money.

If you are short on cash at the moment, this is OK. Do not beat yourself up. It is exactly how it started for me too. On a better note, as you read on keep in mind that when you implement these proven strategies, you will have opportunities to generate chunks of cash. Then you can buy with cash if you choose, or you can add cash to combine with any of the secrets to buy without banks.

2. Short Term Seller Financing: When somebody talks about buying houses without banks, most folks immediately jump to Seller Financing, and they are right for the most part. The interesting thing about seller financing is there are probably hundreds of ways to buy with seller financing.

Most investors think they got it and assume

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