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SAP Basis Configuration Frequently Asked Questions

SAP Basis Configuration Frequently Asked Questions

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SAP Basis Configuration Frequently Asked Questions

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Dec 30, 2011


Transaction codes are the key to working in the SAP Basis environment; however, a user-friendly and thorough resource can be difficult to locate. From helping you to locate a transaction you haven’t used in a while to helping you unlock new
functionality in SAP R/3 Basis, this guide has what you need to work faster. In addition to acting as a handy reference, this guide will help you set yourself apart from other Basis professionals – knowing the right TCODE is often the difference between a mid-range and senior SAP resource. This book contains comprehensive
transaction code listings for Administration, Development, and new Netweaver components as well.

Whether you are new to SAP, or a veteran SAP project manager this book will come in handy. First in a series of SAP transaction code books, SAP Basis Transaction Codes delivers. With pages of transaction codes and explanations for most areas in SAP Basis. The table of contents and index are also comprehensive, making it easy to find what you need and help you save precious time.

Dec 30, 2011

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SAP Basis Configuration Frequently Asked Questions - Equity Press

SAP Basis Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Equity Press

Compiled By Yvette Camba

SAP Basis Configuration: Frequently Asked Questions

ISBN: 1-933804-75-0

Smashwords Edition

Edited By: Jamie Fisher

Copyright© 2006 Equity Press and SAP COOKBOOK all rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without either the prior written permission of the publisher or a license permitting restricted copying in the United States or abroad.

The scanning, uploading and distribution of this book via the internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable by law. Please purchase only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials.

The programs in this book have been included for

instructional value only. They have been tested with

care but are not guaranteed for any particular purpose.

The publisher does not offer any warranties or

representations not does it accept any liabilities with

respect to the programs.

Trademarks: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Equity Press is not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book.

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Table of Contents


I. Introduction: SAP

A Technical Overview of SAP Basis Configuration

II. Special Areas of SAP Basis Configuration

Installation and configuration FAQ

Question 1: Configuring SSO

Question 2: Accessing BW

Question 3: Configuring Web AS with ABAP engine

Question 4: Difference between ICM and ITS

Question 5: HR Support Packs

Question 6: IDES version

Question 7: SPAM fails to start

Question 8: Basis installation method choices

Question 9: Applying support packages

Question 10: Modifying SAPinst XML files

Question 11: SAP certification

Question 12: IDES installation

Question 13: Deleting QAS

Question 14: Hardware changes

Question 15: Adding a language

Question 16: Memory upgrade

Question 17: ABAP and Java-based operations

Question 18: How to un-car

Question 19: Upgrade from 4.6C MDMP to ECC 6.0

Question 20: Platform bit-size differences

Question 21: Upgrade timeframe

Question 22: Compressing Hard Disk Space

Question 23: Using JFS2 file systems

Question 24: Administrating DB settings

Question 25: Solution Manager Tasks

Question 26: Local versus remote printing

Question 27: NAS (CIFS) and SAP databases

Question 28: Unicode and non-Unicode install

Transportation of Developments And Database Administration

Question 29: Unpacking PAT files

Question 30: Filing system on shared storage

Question 31: Linking landscapes via a mount

Question 32: Logging data changes on tables

Question 33: Auto import

Question 34: Transporting programs and tables across two different SAP systems

Question 35: Transporting tables from DEV to PRD and vice versa

Question 36: Importing expdir

Question 37: Client-dependent and Independent transports

Question 38: init.ora

Question 39: Copying data from one system to another

Question 40: Changing local request to transportable request

Question 41: Grouping directories

Question 42: Transport recovery

Question 43: Dumping SAP summaries to MS SQL

Question 44: Multiple database instances in SAP R/3

Question 45: Transporting tables

Question 46: Field names in database table

Question 47: Transporting a workbench request

Question 48: Monitoring ARFCSSTATE entries

Question 49: Checking for objects attached to transports

User Management and Administration

Question 50: Getting a list using ST03

Question 51: ST02 parameter value

Question 52: Tracing STMS Import History

Question 53: Setting G access method printing

Question 54: Exporting an object to another R/3 system

Question 55:Using CCMS_OnAlert_Email

Question 56: Attaching files to SAP documents

Question 57: Update Process Deactivation

Question 58: Archiving BSIS

Question 59: Post-processing after remote client copy

Question 60: Absolute positions in printing

Question 61: Checking jobs in Solution Manager

Question 62: Background user logs

Question 63: Expanding SAP use within a company

Question 64: Changing SAP logon window color

Question 65: Short dumps history

Question 66: Sending spool list to multiple recipients

Question 67: Changing SAPgui login window text

Question 68: Checking redo logs

Question 69: Session timings

Question 70: Setting page width, columns and font size

Question 71: Generating query history

Question 72: SCC4 settings for an ABAP dev client

Question 73: Identifying a specific RFC

Question 74: Using work center printers

Question 75: Adding data files

Question 76: Creating backups without transaction logs

Question 77: Scheduling jobs

III. Troubleshooting

Question 78: Error on SAP startup

Question 79: Error upon CRM installation

Question 80: SQL error 1653

Question 81: Error logging on to DEV client

Question 82: SAPgui Connection Error

Question 83: Error naming a tape

Question 84: Server connection problem with GUI

Question 85: Job Check DB failed

Question 86: Delayed workload information

Question 87: ORA-00376 error

Question 88: Transport errors

Question 89: Migration problem with dropdown search scrolling

Question 90: ABAP installation errors

Question 91: Errors on tables

Question 92: Unknown hostname error

Question 93: URL generation problem

Question 94: Cannot open monitoring segment

Question 95: Syslog shows system status ended

Question 96: Relationship between instance and application server

Question 97: BRBACKUP terminated with errors

Question 98: Problems with system name for parameter

Question 99: Errors during Alpha Conversion Check

Question 100: IDES system error

Question 101: Transport control TP program could not be started

Question 102: Unable to start sapdba

Question 103: Missing BS2005SR1 DVD

Question 104: DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR

Question 105: Spool Internal Error

Question 106: Load_Program_Not_Found error


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