They Got the Gold Mine and We Got the Shaft

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They Got the Gold Mine and We Got the Shaft

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Diane Hamby has used her many years of working in all level of politics to write an informative easy to understand book. This timely read is for anyone who wants to understand how politics, big money, and greed have given us this terrible economy, the great recession. The 1% has spent the last 30years buying influence while the 99% has been living what we thought was the good and decent life. Raising families, advancing careers, volunteering in our communities, climbing that ladder of success. Now so many find themselves without a good job, worried about the future and keeping their place in the middle class. None of this was by accident, every bit of this was by design. "Free Trade", "Free Market", and "Trickledown" and how they have changed America for all of us. A must read when trying to win many political arguments.

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