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What happened to America After WWII? The 112 Year Old Man Speaks Out

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What happened to America After WWII? The 112 Year Old Man Speaks Out

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Late in the fall of 2010, Alfred Northam Stites recorded a series of conversations with his Great, Great Uncle Richard Northam (1898-2011), a 112 year old man who lived through a century of changes in America. Richard Northam gives his thoughts and his unvarnished opinions on 30 topics concerning the life in America. The subjects include the national debt, race relations, politicians the U.S. Congress, health care, religion, education, language, war, and freedom. He was outspoken about what has to be done to revive the economic and moral health of America. And even to achieve peace in the world.

Even at his exceptional age the old man was clear and concise, rambling only on occasion. He was disdainful of political correctness. His viewpoints range from arch conservatism to free and open liberal thinking. Northam insisted his remarks--blunt, factual, and many times acerbic-- be published without editing. He was honest and unapologetic about his opinions, and while his observations may be controversial, they will make you think. The solutions he offered about the problems of America are logical and to the point, although he sometimes suggested the outrageous solutions we all have thought of at one time or another. A great deal of what he has to say in this book is what most of us think but hesitate to express.

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