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Tea with Hitler: A Novel

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Tea with Hitler: A Novel

Lunghezza: 327 pagine5 ore


She was young and beautiful. She thought she knew the Third Reich’s Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. His face was on every newspaper, political poster, and magazine she saw on her journey across the Third Reich.
She heard his voice on every radio and loudspeaker and she’d heard him speak to huge crowds. She’d seen him standing high above them on podiums draped with huge Nazi banners whipping them into frenzied support for his leadership of “the New Germany.” Even the growing movie industry idolized him and helped stage the huge rallies at which he spoke.
She’d felt the power of his public performances herself and been carried away by the excitement of the crowd as it shouted its support for “Germany’s Savior.” Universities across the Reich supported him and that was one reason why she’d decided to enroll in the famous Swiss university at Basel. Then she found herself invited to join Hitler for tea in the “Eagle’s Nest,” his spectacular mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps.
Sitting next to him revealed shocking flaws. He was short, pudgy, swarthy, flatulent, bug-eyed, boring, sweaty and homosexual. How could such a man presume to lead a “master race” of tall, blonde, athletic people to world domination?
Was “Germany’s Savior” even German? He’d crossed into Germany illegally before the First World War to avoid serving in his own country’s army. He was Austrian.
He had, however, joined a Bavarian regiment and served in the Kaiser’s army during the First World War. Hitler and his Nazi supporters glorified his service “in the trenches,” ignoring the fact that he’d been assigned to regimental headquarters for virtually the entire war and been several kilometers behind the iconic trenches. Was the Iron Cross he always wore really his or was it an example of what later generations would call “stolen valor?” She didn’t know.
She did know that he was evil and that he had to be stopped. She sipped her tea and vowed to help her Swiss friends and family keep Hitler’s legions off their soil. She would do everything she could to help the Swiss David defeat the Nazi Goliath.

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