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Message to my Children vol.II Hear the Message

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Message to my Children vol.II Hear the Message

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Anthony prepared himself for the battle of wits that he was about to have with his mother. It was time for the truth; to uncover the secrets in the shadows. Many years of secrets, whisperings in this house, were about to be revealed. Now he could prepare for his future not certain where it was going. Lately he was having strange visions and dreams and did not know how to interpret them.

Anthony walked into the Salon, his mother was sitting on the couch, waiting for Anthony to come to her. He entered the room, sat in the leather chair, looking straight at his mother. Now it is the time for the secrets to be unveiled.

“Mother what are you trying to protect and hide in the attic? I tried to see for myself, but after the incident with Misty and your grandchildren, you had a contractor come in and seal the pull door and I cannot see what you are hiding.”

“Son, I have a penetrating secret that now can be unveiled, since the next generation is here to take over responsibility to protect the most precious treasures that exist on this earth. I just waiting for the third warrior and all will be brought into the light, the truth.

“Our family history begins with the reign of Creation to the birth and death of the Holy son, Jesus Christ. As you know He came to the earth to teach and sacrifice his life to cleanse earth’s humanity of sins.

The only begotten son of the Almighty, he was killed on the cross, for his blood to be shed and wash away the sins. Bringing the dead alive again, reborn as Children of the Almighty, omitting the sins which were born when Adam and Eve, the first Children of creation betrayed the Creator, by being deceived by Satan.”

The time has come for a spiritual awakening, are you ready to hear the message?

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